Princess Playdate

Miss Sandy offered a Princess Playdate to top off the summer session. Of course we had to take part.

Miss Sandy had decorated the room so cute. All pink and purple and really girly. Something every little princess would love. All the girls came in adorable little tutu’s

There was a basket full of bracelets. Cady and Kate felt they needed some accessories to really make their outfits

There was also a little princess house and tunnel. Cady had a great time in that.

At one point we were dancing around the room and when the music stopped the girls would stop and do a “princess pose.” Cady’s pose was blowing kisses

They got fairy princess wands. Cady had to really check hers out

Once she looked it over really well she thought it was time to play with it

I know this picture doesn’t convey it well but Cady and Rylie were twirling around together with their wands.

And here is a video of Cady dancing

Their next activity was done to the tune “Housekeeping Blues.” They got little scrubbers and dusters to clean. Cady went to town on the walls. I guess I need to put her to work on my baseboards

A little video

I think she was trying to talk Charlotte into helping, but Char was a little skeptical it seems.

Even though Cady tried to put Charlotte to work she still decided to take a towel ride and a basket ride with us

Of course, a princess playdate wouldn’t be complete without a crown

After such a fun time, we all worked up quite an appetite. Several of us walked across the parking lot to a little grill.

Cady and Kendall were some thirsty girls

Becca was so sweet to take a picture of the little Princess and I

And the whole group. You can tell how worn out the girls were

And a little housekeeping: I’m using a new hosting site for the pictures. Let me know if you can see them. Same thing about the video links. This is easier than uploading to vimeo and waiting, but let me know if you can’t see them for any reason.


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