18 Months

That LITTLE GIRL (not baby) that you see above is 18 months old and I just cannot believe it. I know I say this every month, but really. I’m just stunned that it has been 18 months.

We haven’t been to the doctor yet so I have no measurements. I can guarantee that she is taller because she is reaching things she couldn’t a week ago. She is also definitely heavier. Jason even thinks she is getting a little too heavy to be carrying around.

Within the last month you know she has moved into her big girl bed. That is still going fairly well. Naps are a little tougher. We had to leave her bedroom door open yesterday until she fell asleep because she was getting out of bed. The draw of the baby wipes is apparently more than she can handle.

She is trying to mess with our schedule by not going down for her nap at 1. I put her down and she doesn’t end up falling asleep until around 2. This, in turn, pushes bedtime back. We are working on getting this back on track.

The other big thing is talking. She still doesn’t talk much in a conversational way, but I see some of that starting to come out. She does repeat and talk on command pretty well. She is great with B words ball, balloon, bug, baby, etc. We are also working on some more complex words and phrases. She says something kind of close to “I love you” when prompted.

Her comprehension is out of control. I really am awed every day by how much she understands and retains. She can point out probably 30 different animals when prompted. She also does most of their noises as well.

One of my favorite things is that she can understand and obey multi step commands. This comes in handy when things need to be taken to other rooms or need to be brought where I am. She is really helpful.

The past 18 months have been the best of my entire life and I know the next 18 years are just going to be better. I love you Cady Cupcake!

One Year Ago Today: Cady at 6 Months


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