Show us Your Life — Reception and Honeymoon

AOnce again Kelly’s Korner is hosting a Show us Your Life blog tour. This week is wedding related again. Receptions and Honeymoons.

I don’t have any of our honeymoon pictures on this computer, but I have plenty of reception pictures that I would love to share.

A lot of our friends commented on how fun our reception was. That was exactly what I wanted. A big celebration. a huge party. I loved it.

Here we are entering our reception

I loved having our friends speak. Here we are listening to one of Jason’s good friends from high school

The cake cutting

No cake smashing for us

First dance

Daddy daughter dance that I bawled through. Seriously the most I cried all day

And then the fun began.

Belle and I dancing together

Probably my favorite reception moment was a surprise for Jason. He won’t admit to it to most people but the man loves the chicken dance. I knew he wouldn’t get up and do it if it was just played. So I worked with the DJ a little to plan something.

He asked Jason to come up and for any and all guys that have played football with him to join him. So all these big guys are standing up there and they start the chicken dance. The boys really had no choice but to dance to it. It was a really fun moment.

I really love this and have it framed in our bedroom

And just to illustrate what a great party it was…..

Photos by Lena Marshall



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6 responses to “Show us Your Life — Reception and Honeymoon

  1. How beautiful! Your reception reminds me so much of ours, big party and lots of love!

  2. You were a beautiful bride. The reception looked like you had fun and enjoyed the special time with family and friends.

  3. Your reception pictures are beautiful!

  4. Becca

    You look so pretty. It looks like an absolutely perfect wedding. I LOVE all of the tulips……especially your cake!

  5. pretty pics! i see in these pics how much cady looks like her daddy!

  6. Grandma Shar

    We did cry all day! I still get teary looking at the pictures!
    I LOVE YOU Mom

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