Big Girls Don’t…


Yes, my little Cady Cupcake is no longer a baby. She is a big girl who sleeps in a big girl bed.

A week ago I walked in her room to get her out of her crib for the day. Cady was straddling the top of her crib. I called Jason immeadiately and told him something had to be done. We went back and forth about actually making the change. A friend used a mesh tent thing for the top of her little girl’s crib. We discussed that option, but really felt like we were just delaying the inevitable. As soon as Jason got home from work that afternoon we made the switch.

It wasn’t necessarily the ideal week since Jason was gone all week last week, but in true Cady fashion it was no big deal. The child is so adaptable that it never ceases to blow my mind.

This is a rested big girl after a good night’s sleep in her bed. Bed head and all

We’ve only had a few issues. That first night I didn’t sleep much, but that’s normally how it goes when we make a chance. Jason and Cady sleep great. I toss and turn all night. She did fall out of bed that first night. By the time I made it into her room she had put herself back and bed and was well on her way to being asleep again.

The first nap she took in the bed wasn’t perfect. She did get out of bed twice. As soon as I walked back in the room she ran and slid into bed. That’s really the extent of the issues we’ve had. She has stayed in bed until her normal time every morning. She has taken this all in stride. I am so proud of her.



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3 responses to “Big Girls Don’t…

  1. What a big girl! She’s grown so quickly and seems to have the best personality. Congrats on the big girl bed transition!

  2. aw & with cupcake pj’s on of course! hehe

  3. Her sheets and little pjs are so adorable!!

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