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A visit from Poppa

Cady and I were extremely lucky last week. Cady’s Poppa (my dad) came to hang out with us while Jason was on a long business trip. We make it a night or two pretty much every week, but the long trips really get difficult.

Cady got spoiled rotten by Poppa. She was a bit bratly the day he left. I know it was only because she was missing him.

Dad, we just wanted to say thanks again for coming to keep us company. I know I had a great time and although Cady’s face in the following picture might not show it, she did too. Come back to see us anytime!

One Year Ago Today: A Day at the Park


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Playing outside

After dinner a few nights ago, we decided to spend some time outside.

First we started in the front yard to play with sidewalk chalk and bubbles.

Then we moved to the backyard. She spent the whole time playing in the dirt from the rain gutter. She also felt like Ceasar needed a little on his back.

One Year Ago Today: In This Crazy Life

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Safety First

Cooking with Mommy can be dangerous. Luckily, Cady has found a way to protect herself in the kitchen

One Year Ago Today: I think We’re In Trouble

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The three of us were hanging out on the couch a few nights ago. Cady and I were singing and playing. I asked her to give me kisses and she playfully refused. I started trying to take her kisses. Jason was able to grab the camera and get some cute shots of Cady and Mommy.Its a rare thing since I’m usually on the other side.

And I finally got one

One Year Ago Today: Good Friends and a Glass of Wine


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I blame Garanimals

or at least their new commercial. This is Cady’s new favorite song. She drops what ever she is doing to dance to it. She will run in from other rooms if she hears it. Of course, I have a video of the dancing.


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Hot Wheels

How cute is this?

Cady needs one, right? Right. Well Helping Mommy’s Win is giving one away (or a Razor scooter). I’m crossing my fingers that we win.

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Tutu Pictures

I made the sweet little tutu Cady wore for her princess playdate. I was so excited about it I had to put it on her and do a little photoshoot

One Year Ago Today: Congratulations! and Green Beans


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Princess Playdate

Miss Sandy offered a Princess Playdate to top off the summer session. Of course we had to take part.

Miss Sandy had decorated the room so cute. All pink and purple and really girly. Something every little princess would love. All the girls came in adorable little tutu’s

There was a basket full of bracelets. Cady and Kate felt they needed some accessories to really make their outfits

There was also a little princess house and tunnel. Cady had a great time in that.

At one point we were dancing around the room and when the music stopped the girls would stop and do a “princess pose.” Cady’s pose was blowing kisses

They got fairy princess wands. Cady had to really check hers out

Once she looked it over really well she thought it was time to play with it

I know this picture doesn’t convey it well but Cady and Rylie were twirling around together with their wands.

And here is a video of Cady dancing

Their next activity was done to the tune “Housekeeping Blues.” They got little scrubbers and dusters to clean. Cady went to town on the walls. I guess I need to put her to work on my baseboards

A little video

I think she was trying to talk Charlotte into helping, but Char was a little skeptical it seems.

Even though Cady tried to put Charlotte to work she still decided to take a towel ride and a basket ride with us

Of course, a princess playdate wouldn’t be complete without a crown

After such a fun time, we all worked up quite an appetite. Several of us walked across the parking lot to a little grill.

Cady and Kendall were some thirsty girls

Becca was so sweet to take a picture of the little Princess and I

And the whole group. You can tell how worn out the girls were

And a little housekeeping: I’m using a new hosting site for the pictures. Let me know if you can see them. Same thing about the video links. This is easier than uploading to vimeo and waiting, but let me know if you can’t see them for any reason.

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Kindermusik — Day 4

Yes, I skipped Day 3. I forgot my camera that day.

So glad I didn’t forget it for day 4 though. The kids got to do some really cute new things.

Our session is Zoo Train and they are learning all about the animals in the zoo. This day was about the penguins and the polar bears.

We got these rings that were supposed to be laid on the ground. They were “puddles” for the kids to jump in like penguins. Cady wasn’t so much into laying her rings down.

Miss Sandy let her bang on her drum for a little bit

Then she finally decided she wanted to act like a penguin and jump in her puddle

The shakers came out. Cady thought really hard about which ones she liked best

She finally decided these were, indeed, the best.

She also got to act like a polar bear. She put socks on her hands for polar bear paws. It was really cute

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Ready, Ready, Ready to Run

After our morning walk Cady decided she needed a little more exercise and needed my shoes to do it.

Gotta get these things tied up

I’ve got my purse and I’m ready to go


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