Show Us Your Life — Wedding Party and Flowers

Sorry, I inadvertently took another blogging vacation again. But its summer. Summer is all about vacations.

I will resume with Cady posts as well as possibly our bathroom remodel on Monday. But today I’m going to participate in the weekly blog tour on Kelly’s Korner.

I got married April 16th, 2005. I knew I wanted a spring wedding. Tulips are my favorite flower. Pink is my favorite color. It just all seemed to make sense. I also wanted everything to look really classic. I didn’t want to look back on my wedding and see anything dated. So we kept it pretty simple.

Here is our wonderful wedding party

The girls:

I wanted to keep the girls in dresses that were simple and classic. I chose black with a pink sash in a very simple sihoulette. I kind of hoped they would possibly have the opportunity to wear them again. Not sure if they did, but hopefully.  The girls are Jenny, my MOH and best friend from college, Gallagher, my college roommate and good friend from high school, Megan, a good friend I met in college, and Lindsi, who is my best friend since Jr High.

The Boys

Jason had six groomsmen. Two were his roommates and teammates in college and four were good friends from high school. The groomsmen wore white shirts, black tuxes, black vests and ties. I wanted Jason to stand out a little so he wore black tux, black shirt and white vest and tie to match my dress.

One thing that was special to me is our friend, Scott, one of Jason’s college teammates, actually performed our ceremony. He was ordained online. It just made it that much more special that someone that we were both close to was able to play such a big role in our wedding day.

Easily the cutest member of our wedding party was Belle, my niece.

Here are just a few of my favorite wedding party photos

And these are my most favorite wedding pictures out of the hundreds I have. Jenny leaned over right before she went down the aisle and started saying such sweet things to me. I hadn’t cried ALL DAY until that moment. I could have killed her if it wasn’t such an awesome moment.

Pretty sure I’m yelling at her in this one

But she made sure all was well before I was sent down the aisle

Now for the flowers. Tulips are my favorite so it was just natural that they were what I used in my wedding.

The bridesmaids’ bouquets

My bouquet was just a bigger version. It was wrapped with a ribbon monogrammed with my new last initial and our wedding date. It was a affixed with an antique broach I borrowed from Jason’s grandmother as my something old and borrowed.

We actually didn’t use any flower to decorate our ceremony. White Christmas lights strung in the rafters and in ficus trees along with candlelight is really the only decoration we had. The room we got married in was pretty enough I thought.

We did have a petal toss as we did the recessional. I wanted a toss of some sort but I didn’t want it staged for pictures.

Possibly my favorite use of flowers for the whole wedding was for my cake. I saw this in a Martha Stewart wedding magazine long before I got engaged and just knew I had to have it.

Next week will be another wedding tour about wedding receptions. I’ll likely take part in that one too

All photos by Lena Marshall

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2 responses to “Show Us Your Life — Wedding Party and Flowers

  1. Awww! I see why you like the pink tulips! 🙂 Love the satin ribbon with the monogram…I have never seen that before. What a cute idea and the broach too! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love these pictures! Love the lights at the ceremony! Love the cake! Love the details! Beautiful!

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