Fourth of July

I know this is over a week late. I decided to take a little blogging vacay last week.

On the Fourth we went to the lake to listen to a band and let Cady run before we met up with some friends at the golf course to watch the fireworks downtown.

Cady loved being at King’s Harbor. There is a big hill that she could run up and down. I think Elmo enjoyed the hill as well. Cady would run up and then start back down. She thought it was hilarious when she would faceplant.

She also loved dancing to the band.

Cady was really small last year during the fireworks, so she didn’t pay them much attention. She was in awe this year. I think our spot on the golf course was the perfect place. We were close enough to get a good show, but far enough away that the noise wasn’t an issue.

One Year Ago Today: 07-13-2008


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