A fashion pioneer

Everyone get ready to the the freezer bag boxes on the runway next season. Cady is ahead of the curve

And that *is* the utensil basket from our dishwasher. She was carrying it around like a purse while Daddy loaded the dishwasher. This girl has got style!



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3 responses to “A fashion pioneer

  1. Melissa Blair

    Sooo sweet!! Love her summer jammies too!

  2. Cady is learning how to make do with what ever she can find, that is showing she is a very smart country girl. Remember when we used to make our rollers out of pieces of metal, covered with what ever we could find,. Then the metal wouldn’t cut our hair, when we rolled our hair. But thank goodness those had been replaced, before I went to beauty school. Cady stay in there & show people that you are smart enough to make do, with what ever you can find. Love you, gr. grands,

  3. Oh WOW. I’m out of touch for a little bit and suddenly she’s not a baby!!! She’s such a little toddler now 🙂 Adorable.

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