15 Months

My little cupcake is 15 months.

Cady Cupcake at 15 months:

She is becoming quite independent. She loves to do things herself. Her favorites are turning the lights in rooms on/off, throwing her diapers away, opening/shutting doors, and trying to put her shoes on.

She is in love with books. I think she would sit and read or be read to all day long if she could.

If  she couldn’t have her books then she would want to be outside. She is definitely at her happiest just playing outside. We could spend hours out there just walking around, picking up rocks or leaves, and seeing all there is to see.

She has become obsessed with animals. She loves the dogs. Its a ritual that I take them in her room with me when she wakes up from her nap. She is thrilled to see them every single day.  She also has really started to pay attention to animals she sees on television. Dogs are the favorite, but any animal will get her attention.

Speaking of tv, she has started watching a little bit more. I pretty much restrict it to Sesame Street. She loves the theme song. She, like every other little kid, loves Elmo (I call him baby crack). But her favorite, that we don’t get to see enough of, is Snuffulupugus. He was always my favorite too. Gotta love Snuffy.

She has developed this amazing sense of humor. She loves to make Jason and I laugh. She also loves to laugh with us, even if she’s not quite in on the joke.

I can easily say that this is my favorite age thus far. Everyone keeps saying it will only get better. I’m not sure how it could but I can’t wait to find out.

Happy 15 Months Cady! I love you!


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