Mother’s Day 2009

I have had the most spectacular Mother’s Day anyone could ask for.

Earlier in the week Jason and Cady gave my my present. I have been wanting a sewing machine for a while and now I have one! I’ve already got several patterns. I just have to find the time to make them. Cady is going to be so cute in all her new clothes.

Today, I woke up early (by choice) and went to support a very good friend of mine who participated in her very first triathalon. She did so awesome and I was so glad to be there to show my support!

After a little rest (and some showers) Jason, Cady and I met up with my friend and her husband and headed downtown. We went to brunch at Mia Bella’s. The food was amazing. The mimosa’s were bottomless. And the company was great. It couldn’t have been better.

A little photo op after brunch

Me and Lisa

We parted ways after our meal. Our friends headed off to the baseball game, while my family and I headed to THE ZOO!

I’ve so been looking forward to taking Cady to the zoo. But I wanted to wait until she could actually get some enjoyment out of it. I think she is still slightly young to appreciate it all, but we definitely had a good time.

We first stopped by the bird area (not my favorite). We discovered for Cady to be interested there needed to be some movement or some noise. This Raven had both of those things.

She really enjoyed these gazelle’s. They were moving around and really easy to see from the observation deck.

We headed to the Children’s Zoo area. There was a petting zoo area with goats inside. I really thought she would be so into this. She liked looking at them, but was pretty hesitant about touching them.

The highlight of our day: The Carosuel

Cady was a little unsure when we first got on, but when we started up she was in love

My wonderful Mother’s Day was finished off with some delicious steaks and grilled vegetables prepared by my wonderufl husband. It doesn’t get much better.



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  1. cute fam pic of yall! i saw yall headin into cici’s last night-i was gettin nails done next door or else i woulda said hi! lol glad you had a great mothers day!

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