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How do bees go?

Cady is starting to learn her animal sounds.

The background of the video is that I was reading this book with her several days earlier and when I would get to the picture of the bees I would say “buzz” and tickle her belly. She decided thats how bees go.

Click on the link below. Password is cadence

How do Bees go? from Courtney M on Vimeo.


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15 Months

My little cupcake is 15 months.

Cady Cupcake at 15 months:

She is becoming quite independent. She loves to do things herself. Her favorites are turning the lights in rooms on/off, throwing her diapers away, opening/shutting doors, and trying to put her shoes on.

She is in love with books. I think she would sit and read or be read to all day long if she could.

If  she couldn’t have her books then she would want to be outside. She is definitely at her happiest just playing outside. We could spend hours out there just walking around, picking up rocks or leaves, and seeing all there is to see.

She has become obsessed with animals. She loves the dogs. Its a ritual that I take them in her room with me when she wakes up from her nap. She is thrilled to see them every single day.  She also has really started to pay attention to animals she sees on television. Dogs are the favorite, but any animal will get her attention.

Speaking of tv, she has started watching a little bit more. I pretty much restrict it to Sesame Street. She loves the theme song. She, like every other little kid, loves Elmo (I call him baby crack). But her favorite, that we don’t get to see enough of, is Snuffulupugus. He was always my favorite too. Gotta love Snuffy.

She has developed this amazing sense of humor. She loves to make Jason and I laugh. She also loves to laugh with us, even if she’s not quite in on the joke.

I can easily say that this is my favorite age thus far. Everyone keeps saying it will only get better. I’m not sure how it could but I can’t wait to find out.

Happy 15 Months Cady! I love you!

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Where the sidewalk ends

I’ve had some sidewalk chalk for a while (confession: since before Cady was born). It has always been a favorite of mine. So imagine how excited I am that Cady loves it just as much.

Check out this look on her face!

We wrote a special message for Daddy to see when he got home


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Now we’re cooking

I guess you are never too young to develop a love for cooking

(SHAMELESS PLUG!) To find out what we are cooking go to Cupcake Cooks


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Mother’s Day 2009

I have had the most spectacular Mother’s Day anyone could ask for.

Earlier in the week Jason and Cady gave my my present. I have been wanting a sewing machine for a while and now I have one! I’ve already got several patterns. I just have to find the time to make them. Cady is going to be so cute in all her new clothes.

Today, I woke up early (by choice) and went to support a very good friend of mine who participated in her very first triathalon. She did so awesome and I was so glad to be there to show my support!

After a little rest (and some showers) Jason, Cady and I met up with my friend and her husband and headed downtown. We went to brunch at Mia Bella’s. The food was amazing. The mimosa’s were bottomless. And the company was great. It couldn’t have been better.

A little photo op after brunch

Me and Lisa

We parted ways after our meal. Our friends headed off to the baseball game, while my family and I headed to THE ZOO!

I’ve so been looking forward to taking Cady to the zoo. But I wanted to wait until she could actually get some enjoyment out of it. I think she is still slightly young to appreciate it all, but we definitely had a good time.

We first stopped by the bird area (not my favorite). We discovered for Cady to be interested there needed to be some movement or some noise. This Raven had both of those things.

She really enjoyed these gazelle’s. They were moving around and really easy to see from the observation deck.

We headed to the Children’s Zoo area. There was a petting zoo area with goats inside. I really thought she would be so into this. She liked looking at them, but was pretty hesitant about touching them.

The highlight of our day: The Carosuel

Cady was a little unsure when we first got on, but when we started up she was in love

My wonderful Mother’s Day was finished off with some delicious steaks and grilled vegetables prepared by my wonderufl husband. It doesn’t get much better.


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Louisiana Saturday night….

well not really, but we went to an awesome crawfish boil.

Yes, I am just now getting around to posting stuff from last weekend. Let’s just say I have been lacking in motivation this week.

We got to hang out with some good friends this weekend and eat some awesome crawfish. It was a ton of fun. Cady had a blast because she had free reign of our friend’ backyard.

She “played” a little Baggo/Cornhole/Whatever You Call it.

She has her own rules

She got to play with our good friend, Lisa.

Taking a water break

And then the faces. I’m not sure what this one is all about

I’m really going to try to get back on track with posting next week. I have a few posts worth of material right now, plus I will have much more after this weekend.


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Its been one of those days….

No, not that kind.

The kind that make me so happy I’m a mother. The kind where Cady and I laugh and play and learn all day long. The kind that go by way. too. fast.

Its been one of THOSE kind of days. And man, did I need one right about now.

I’ll post something longer tomorrow, but I won’t leave you without what you are wanting. A picture of my sweet and wonderful girl. She did this all on her own.

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