Bluebonnet Pictures

Finally. I have been wanting to take Cady out to the bluebonnet fields and take some pictures of her. Its a long drive and the timing has just not worked out. So when I heard that there were some bluebonnets in our area , I knew I we were going to take advantage of them.

It wasn’t quite a field of bluebonnets. It was more like a ditch with some bluebonnets in it. I’m a good mommy blogger and do what I have to do to get the good pictures. Even if it means letting my daughter play in a ditch.

The smiles were few and far between. We went early in the day and Cady was being a bit of a priss about the dew.



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6 responses to “Bluebonnet Pictures

  1. Grandma Shar

    That smile made it well worth the trip! Tell Cady Grandma appreciates her putting up with the dew, and Grandma loves the picture and I love her very very much. Love you!

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