Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday we took Cady to a local fair in the town center called Picnic in the Park. They had an egg hunt and I thought she would enjoy it. I wasn’t sure if she would grasp the concept, but I knew she would at least enjoy the time outside.

Here is Cady and I before the hunt.

And yes, that is A LOT of eggs. Keep in mind that it was a hunt for 3 years and younger. I’m assuming they didn’t want to make it too difficult. They definitely succeeded.

As soon as they said the hunt was on, Cady went at it. She figured it out pretty quickly.

She hunted hard and filled her basket full of eggs. Here she is running to show Daddy all the ones she found.

We had to look inside all the eggs to see what all good things she got.

They were just filled with tootsie rolls. Unfortunately, Cady didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of her labor since tootsie rolls aren’t really toddler friendly

She also got a balloon while we were at the egg hunt. If had known the HOURS of entertainment she could find in empty plastic eggs, a basket and balloon I would have gotten them for her a long, long time ago.

Also, notice how prissy she looks carrying that basket around. She did that all on her own. Thats how I usually carry my bag. Maybe she picked it up from just watching me or maybe its genetic…..

And I want to add a big thank you to Cady’s Nana, Pawpaw John and Uncle Tyler for coming to visit us. We had a great time with you guys here. We are especially grateful that you were willing to spend some one on one time with Cady Saturday evening so Mommy and Daddy could celebrate our 4th! wedding anniversay. Thanks!


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