Backyard Fun

After our experience on the slide at the park a few weeks ago we hadn’t thought about giving it another try. Then on St Patrick’s Day, we had a playdate with a friend of ours. They had this great little toddler sized swing/slide. Cady loved it. As soon as I saw that I was on a mission.

If you’ve never priced these type of things, let me inform you that you don’t get them cheap. So, being the bargain hunter that I am, I have been scouring Craig’s List and a local yard sale site for a good deal on one. They aren’t easy to come by. I probably called/emailed about 10+ slides and playsets only to find out I had just missed it. Jason finally found one semi-near the area in which he works. We got it for half the price you can find in stores and its in pretty good shape.

Ok enough about the deal we got on it. On to the pictures.

Checking it out

Climbing up

Hanging out on top

(I had to tuck the front of her dress into her bloomers so she would trip on it as she climbed around. Don’t want you to think I let her go around like that all the time.)

Getting ready

And down she goes!

We are still working out some issues on the swing. She isn’t a huge fan of it, but I think its growing on her.


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  1. thats a nice one! jaiden has it too & rylie liked playin on it with him! glad yall found a good deal!

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