Big Girl Room

Cady has moved into her big girl room.

Her nursery was the room next to our master bedroom. It had a doorway (without a door) connecting the two rooms. It worked perfectly as a nursery and made it easier to put her in her crib right from the beginning. Now that she is older, we need a little privacy.

Also, we needed an extra room to make a play room since her toys were taking over our house.

In the usual Courtney style, I made things as complicated as possible. We have a four bedroom house. Obviously we are in the master bedroom. Cady had the one next to ours. Then the other two were the guest room and the office.

We moved Jason’s office to the front room. We moved the guest room to the former office. We moved Cady’s room to the former guest room and made the nursery into a playroom. Whew!

Cady’s new big girl room:

We took that fan down and put her chandelier back up. There is nothing on the walls yet. I’m not sure how I’m going to decorate it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Cady’s new playroom:

I’ve still got a few things I want to do there, but its done for the most part.

And now for a picture of the greatest thing ever:

My living room WITHOUT a ton of toys!!!! I really should have taken a before shot. It was ridiculous. It has definitely been nice to have our living room back.


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One response to “Big Girl Room

  1. Melissa Blair

    Aw, her play room is so sweet! And I’m totally jealous of your living room without toys!

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