Busy weekend

I have no excuse for not posting last week other than I am lazy and we didn’t do much. However, we did A LOT this weekend and thats why I didn’t post until now.

Our good friends entered a local BBQ competition. Jason helped out Friday and Saturday night, so Cady and I joined him and our friends as much as possible.

The weather was fairly nice if a little chilly. Cady loved getting to spend all weekend outside.

Here she is with our friend, Lisa. They are too cute together!

I also have to say that we make a pretty cute little family

Saturday was when the real cooking began. Let me tell you. I cannot even come close to doing justice to the taste of this food. These guys are talented at what they do.And the competition was pretty stiff. There were something like 130 teams competing.

Throwin’ Smoke (our team) came in FIRST PLACE in the Open Category. They make pulled pork (unfortunately I didn’t even try any of it).

They also came in 13th for their brisket.They cooked chicken and ribs as well. And just because they didn’t come in the top 20 for those does not mean that they were not delicious. They were amazing. The ribs especially.

Cady and I were there most of the day, but we did come home around noon so she could eat lunch and have her nap.

I put her down in her crib and she wasn’t quite ready to sleep, so she was just playing quietly for a little while. Thats no big deal. She eventually lays down and naps.

I didn’t hear her after a while, so I figured she was asleep and went in to check on her. The smell that met me as I opened the door was unbelievable. And not in a good way.

Apparently, she had pooped and gotten her hand in her diaper (she was in just a onesie) and it. was. Everywhere. The walls. Her Crib. The sheets. Her hair. EVERY WHERE!

But she was asleep, and if there is one thing I know about this child is that she needs her nap. So she slept. In poop.

And no, I got not pictures. I have a pretty strong stomach for these things, but I was gagging the whole time. So no pictures of the infamous Poop-splosion.

After all that, we still had a Super Bowl party to host for our friends. I worked really hard all week to get the house ready and to get the food ready. Turned out good, right?

Jason also did a big seafood boil for the first time. It also turned out really, really well. We ate good and are still eating good today.

We were rooting for the Cardinals to win last night. But Cady and her Daddy were still representing their team even though they weren’t in the game.

I love those two!

This week we don’t have much planned. Its supposed to be pretty nice so we are hoping to spend some time outside. I’m sure we will take a wagon ride or two. Dad, I’ll make sure to get some pictures of Miss America waving to all her admirers for you!



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2 responses to “Busy weekend

  1. Jessica (or duke - whichever)

    You have a platter shaped like Texas……

    just pointing that out….

    • Courtney

      Don’t start worrying yet. Thats a veggie tray purchased from the grocery store. It came all Texas shaped.

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