11 Months

Happy 11 months Cady Cupcake!

I cannot believe my baby is 11 months old. Its all gone by way too fast. She is 1 month away from being a 1 year old. Its not really been one whole year already, has it?

So Cady at 11 months:

She is walking. She doesn’t crawl at all. She loves to walk. Thats all she does. At Kindermusik this week she just walked in circles around the group. Its makes some things a little more difficult. She finds new things around the house to get into every day. But its also kind of nice. Chores around the house are somewhat easier. She follows behind me and “helps.”Let me tell you, she is a big help, too.

She is starting to move to more normal foods. Gerber Graduates are our friends. She loves pastas and pretty much anything she can feed herself. She is still a little dangerous with utensils so she is just using her hands for now.

She can say Dada. Dada refers to that guy with the goatee and glasses. She says it with much enthusiasm and joy. She says “bye-bye.” She uses this when we leave some place or when she randomly feels like it. “Bah” her is favorite word. It refers pretty much everything else. I think she is trying to say “Doggy.” When I ask her to say it she will say “Dah.” I think it counts.

You might notice a word missing from that list. I sure so. She doesn’t say “Mama.” Ocassionally, as she is crying, she will whine out a “Mamamama.” If I’m lucky. She will not say “Mama” for anything. I ask. I get “Bah.” Jason asks. He gets “Bah.” I’m really trying not to take it personally, but its kind of starting to hurt my feelings. Thats what I want for her birthday. I want her to say “Mama.”



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2 responses to “11 Months

  1. Aw…she will get the mama. Pax says “mama” to everything, so I don’t really count that she can say it yet.

    I DO love that she also hearts the word BAH. A girlie after my own heart. BAH can be applied to just about anything in life!! haha

  2. Don’t know if it’s true – but apparently it is harder for a child to learn the “mah” sound (to be able to form and make that sound with their mouths) and it’s just simply easier to learn the “dah” sound… so according to that statement most children learn Dada faster as a result – may be you could google it?? In any case good luck!!

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