New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t know that I have ever really made New Year’s resolutions before. Not officially at least. But this year I have several things that I definitely want to do and to work on. So what better way to keep myself accountable than put it all out there on the web.

1. Run. I ran competitevly from the time I was 11 or 12 year old until my Senior Year in high school. I was burned out and felt like I was missing out on things by having to make sure I was in bed early ever Friday night for my early Saturday morning Cross Country meets. So I stopped running. Anyone who has ever stopped running knows how hard it is to start back. So, nearly 10 years later I am going to get started again. To make it a little easier for myself I have set a goal. I want to run a marathon. I told my dad this and he is going to run it with me. So we are looking into the end of this year or the first quarter of ’10.

2. This goes along with number one, but I want to Get in shape before we have another child. A second child will likely be our last and I think it would make it easier to get the body I want back if I am in good shape before I get pregnant.

3. Another cliche resolution is to work hard on cooking healthy and tasty meals for my family. I really want to focus on keeping us all healthy, and since I am the one who does all the cooking I have complete control over what goes into our bodies in our home.

4. I want to learn how to sew. I have tons of crafty projects that I know I could do (and possibly sell) if I only had a sewing machine. Techinically, I know how to sew, but my last experience with it was in 8th grade home ec. I made a walrus pillow and got a “C” on sewing on a button (I got an “A” on my walrus pillow, by the way).

5. Something I am already doing, but need to re-focus on is saving my family money as my monetary contribution. Since I don’t work outside the home I feel like my job is to save the money my husband makes. I am going to focus on finding the best deals and doing what I can to lower our costs on things.

6. Probably the hardest on my list is to actively work on making new friends. Not that I have bad friends. I just don’t have friends that live here. I have amazing friends all over the country that I love dearly, but for some reason they don’t want to fly in on a whim to see a chick flick with me or to grab lunch with me. Its hard to make friends with women, but I need to find people who have things in common with me and who are at the same spot in their lives (having young children).

7. Finally, Remove my eye makeup every night. Ok I know this is a silly one, but I really need to do this. We spent a lot of money on LASIK surgery so my eyes would be perfect and I’m just risking infection by sleeping in mascara and eyeliner every night. Plus, I’m sure my pillow cases would thank me.


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