Christmas Trip continued

The weekend after Christmas, we traveled to my paternal grandparent’s. Once again, none of them had ever met Cady. It was held at the local gym, so there was tons of room for Cady to walk around (Oh yeah, she is walking. Like for real. Walking. But I will talk about that a little later).

Her younger cousin was also there. She thought he was pretty cool, but his walker and the toys on it were even cooler.

She got to run around and play in the gym all afternoon. She discovered basketball.

She got to hang out with Poppa more

Now the walking thing.

She had been taking a few steps at a time. Occasionally she would make it across a room. It was very hit or miss.

The day after Christmas, she decided it was time to walk. So she did. And she does. ALL. THE. TIME.

It was unseasonably warm one day, so we were able to take her outside and let her walk around. She loved it. She got to meet Casey, a dog at Nana’s house.

And she got to walk

And walk,

And walk.

I feel like these are the only shots I am going to get of her from now on. Its all I ever see:

I was able to get a video. This was when she first decided to be a full time walker. She is even better at it now

Thats really all I have from the Christmas trip.

Our current update is that Cady has a cold and is miserable. Poor thing. Because of that we skipped Kindermusik this week. We are just trying to get settled back in our routine. I’m actively working on planning her big first birthday shindig. Other than that, its the same old stuff around here. Hope you all have had a great start to 2009. I know we have and we are definitely looking forward to all the great new stuff within the next year.


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