Like Mother, Like Daughter

There is a picture of me when I was only slightly older than Cady where I am just hanging out in one of the bottom kitchen cabinets.  (I’m going to try to find the picture when we go home this week)

So, who is surprised when Cady apparently enjoys the same play spot?

Cady has also had a big week when it comes to bubbles.

I bought some bubble bath for her this week. Too bad she is afraid of it. I made up a nice bubble bath for her and she refused to sit down in it. I didn’t have time to get any pictures. We will give it another shot soon. Surely, she won’t be afraid of bubble baths her whole life.

I also bought a bottle of bubbles. Those were a hit. We sat in the kitchen and blew bubbles and clapped (we are on a clapping kick right now) for awhile.

And I just have to give a big thank you to a friend of mine. She knitted (crocheted? I’m not sure….) Cady a cupcake hat. It is ridiculously cute. I just have to show it off.

And this picture just makes me sad. She is starting to look more and more like a little girl and less and less like my little baby. I think a big reason for this is that she is starting to have an actual neck

We are headed back to the Ark. this week to partake in many Christmas activities. I promise I will be much better at taking pictures than I was while we were home for Thanksgiving. And for those of you who we will be seeing while home, please hold me accountable for this.



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4 responses to “Like Mother, Like Daughter

  1. Jessica (or duke - whichever)

    how do you have empty cabinets!?!?

  2. Jessica (or duke - whichever)

    Oh my gosh, I’m jealous. Our cabinets are packed full!

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