Playing Catch-up

It feels like it has been so long since my last REAL post (the Thanksgiving one doesn’t really count).

We traveled back home to Arkansas for the week of Thanksgiving, so of course we were running ragged trying to see everyone (and we still didn’t). The following week, Jason had some work to do in towns on the way to home base, so we spent the week in hotels. I definitely don’t recommend that after a week away from home already.

We got back yesterday and I am thrilled to be back. I’m also having mixed feelings about heading back to the AR to do it all again in 2 weeks. Yikes!

We left the Friday evening before Thanksgiving. We drove during the night because we had made important plans for Saturday (I will soon explain) and because we thought it might make the 8 hour drive a little easier.

We were right about making the drive easier. Cady slept pretty much the entire way.  We made only 2 stops. We arrived at our lodging for the week around 12:30 am. We were both ready to crash. Jason had worked half a day and I had spent the day packing us all up. Too bad Cady thought it was play time. She finally went to sleep around 2:30.

The next day, we went to lunch at MY favorite local establishment (and always the first place I have to eat in town). After lunch we left Cady with her Nana and we headed toward the town of our alma mater’s. Jason’s college football team was playing for the conference championship, but not really. The team just moved into the conference and they have a 5 year transition period. That means they can’t be recognized as the conference champs, even though they are.

We had a great time. We saw almost all of our old college friends. It was a great game. Much fun was had by all.

We spent the first part of our week leisurely visiting with different friends and family. Cady and I had lunch with our friends, Kelsey and Pax. I keep bringing my camera to get a picture of the girls together, but keep forgetting. We hope to see them again while in town for Christmas and I am definitely getting my picture then.

Jason and I even had the opportunity to check out a movie. We watched Four Christmases. Pretty funny.

Then Thanksgiving Day rolled around and things got kicked into high gear. We spent Thanksgiving Day with Jason’s Dad’s side of the family. We spend Friday with my Dad.

Friday night we drove to my Mom’s house and spent the night and the following day with her. It was the first time all four of her granddaughters had been together. We tried to get a picture of the girls. It didn’t turn out all that great, but its still pretty cute.

Saturday night we drove back to Jason’s Mom’s house and spent Sunday with her. Monday morning we packed up and headed out.

We had a wonderful (and rushed) time while home. Hopefully next trip we will get to fit in even more friends and family.

While away, Cady all but perfected the art of walking. So much so that I have been able to get a couple of decent videos of it.

Just to reassure the grandmother’s, she is fine. That fall was nothing. She got up 3 seconds later and was ready to go.

And another from a little different angle.

She has also started standing all on her own. She doesn’t need something to pull up on anymore. I’m just in awe of how quickly it has all happened.

Another milestone that is occurring is Cady celebrating her first holiday season. Many of you might recall that I can get pretty excited about holidays and making them perfect for Cady. So of course, a visit to see Santa is something I have been looking forward to since finding out I was pregnant.

Even though we only got home yesterday and I have a ton of unpacking, laundry and other things to do, we had to go see Santa immediately. I completely prepared myself to get a picture of a frightened, crying Cady on Santa’s lap. I was ok with spending an hour waiting in line for this picture. At least it would be funny to look back on when she is older.

She was completely fine with him. We kept her up through her afternoon nap. We kept her strapped into her stroller (that was not moving) way longer than she is used to. We had all the cards stacked against us for a good picture. But we got one.

Here is my unprofessional shot:

Doesn’t she look like she is telling him exactly what she wants?

And here are our “professional” shots:

I am just thrilled with how they turned out.

I know I should have more Thanksgiving related pictures, but I am horrible when I get around my family. I completely forget about my camera. I promise I will take tons while home for Christmas.


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