Football Games, Sock Monkies and Bad Hair Days

Cady’s Aunt Lindsi brought her an awesome toy when she came to visit a few weeks ago. She brought her a sock monkey. I was really surprised because she has never really paid much attention to any stuffed animal for more than a few seconds. But she loves the sock monkey. She will drag the silly thing around. She will crawl off and leave it and then look back at it like “Why aren’t you coming with me Sock Monkey?”

She and the sock monkey are best buds…. until he tried to share her pink chair with her. She did not want him in the chair with her. She would toss him out. When I would sit him back she would toss him out again.

We have had a few bad hair days recently. I think it is time to invest in some detangler. This is how she woke up a few mornings ago:

I wasn’t really sure what to do about it, so this was the remedy:

She doesn’t pay much attention to the television, but there are some tried and true things that stop her in her tracks ever single time: the Garden Ridge commercial, the commercial for The Houston Ballet’s Nutcracker, and apparently a doggie circus on The View. She felt like she needed a closer look.

And finally, we traveled a few hours north to watch The Bears play. It was pretty chilly for this area this time of year. We had Cady bundled up and she looked pretty cute.

Even with all her layers, we thought it was too cold to keep her out in the wind, so we left at halftime. The Bears won and will be playing for the championship next Saturday. We are going to be back home in the area and plan on making the game!


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