9 Months Old

Such a big girl!I can’t believe she has been out here as long as she was inside. Its gone by way too fast.

Cady saw the peditrician on Friday. She is 19 lbs and 28 inches long. He was really happy with her growth. She got 3 shots and she even got her finger pricked for some blood work. She cried, but got over it quickly. She has handled this round of vaccines much better than the last few.

He did say something silly. He said that while she would likely be walking on her own by 10 months that we should not encourage her to do so. I personally think its silly because she is going to do things developmentally when she wants. To prove that point she took off on her own that afternoon for a few steps (she had always only walked to get to one of us).

She is in the process of getting all 8 of her front teeth. On the bottom, she both of her central incisors and both of her lateral incisors through the skin. On the top, she has the central incisor (E) through the skin with the other central incisor and both lateral incisors right beneath the surface.

She is into everything. We haven’t really bad to baby proof much (there are locks on the cabinets with the cleaners and liquor), but she is really into cabinets and drawers recently (she is currently in the kitchen with Daddy pulling all my pots and pans out of the cabinet). Not a huge deal because we do have everything dangerous locked up, but we have had some smashed fingers this week. She can also reach the handle on the oven by standing on her tippy toes and she can also almost get to the knobs. Thats a little bit of a problem and something we will be remedying soon.

She has developed a great sense of humor. She loves to make other people laugh. She knows I giggle if she tickles my feet, so any chance she gets she does it. She also thinks belly buttons (other peoples, not her own) are funnny.

These past 9 months with her on the outside have been far better than the 9 months with her on the inside.


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