Green Beans and Pink Chairs

That’s what is new in the world of Cady.

First, the green beans. We decided that she was ready to try some non-pureed food. For dinner a few nights ago she had a meal of green beans, string cheese (that I shredded up) and grapes (that I squished). She loved it! She got to feed herself, and I think she was a big fan of that.

She also wanted to share her feelings about Tennessee’s record this season (hence the bib).I think her face says it all.

Her 9 month photo is coming up in a few days. I wanted to prepare everyone to see a new chair in this photo. I found it at Target and there was no way I could pass it up. It screams Cady (or Courtney, one or the other).

She is still only taking one or two steps at a time. She does really good if she is holding my hand, but she still is a little nervous to get out on her own.

While one or two steps might not seem dangerous. They really are. If you couldn’t tell in the pictures above, she has a little bruise under her right eye. She lost her balance and got her first boo boo. It was almost a black eye. She was a big girl and only cried for a little bit.

Her 9 month appointment is on Friday, so there will be news from that. We are also planning a trip a little north of us to watch the Bears play on Saturday.


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One response to “Green Beans and Pink Chairs

  1. Poor boo boo šŸ˜¦
    There was about a 6 or 8 month period where Peanut constantly had bruises. Learning to walk is a grueling business. She’ll cry less and less each time as long as no one makes a big deal out of it (I had to constantly remind H that it’s not the end of the world if she has a little bruise). I was looking back over Peanut picks just the other day and thinking about this stage (all the pics have bruises)… so funny you should blog about it šŸ™‚
    She is getting so big! Where did baby go? She’s such a cutie with the finger foods. And I love her chair.

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