Cady can walk. She can take a step or two at a time. Honestly, its really more of a lunge while moving her feet forward. She is standing on her own like a champ. She turns 9 months in a week and I fully expect her to be walking by that time. When it becomes a little more predictable I will definitely get a video of it.

The weather lately has been beautiful. Not very November like, but definitely beautiful.

Cady and I have been taking full advantage of this and spending some time every day outside. We could both definitely use more Vitamin D. We take her shopping cart out with us and she pushes it back and forth on the sidewalk in front of the house. But her favorite thing is to just sit in the grass. Today I got some pictures while we were out.



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  1. Osh

    yay! Evan was an early walker too…
    The last picture is killing me!

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