Yes, We Can!!!

One more political post and then I will get back to the important stuff: pictures of Cady. Promise.

Obviously, I am thrilled that Barack Obama won. I think our country is on the verge of something amazing and exciting. Everyone knows I think this country needs change and he will work toward the kind of change we need.

I do have some not so nice things to say though.

As proud as I am to be an American right now, I am also disappointed in lots of people.

I am disappointed (but not surprised) that some people’s true colors have been shown. I have seen/heard too many people saying ridiculous and derogatory things about Obama. He is NOT Muslim (but so what if he is). This country will not become socialist. We have checks and balances people. We learned this way back in elementary school. Obama does not have complete control. He and the democrats and REPUBLICANS in Congress will work together toward the best solutions for our country.

I am disappointed at the hatred that exists in this world. The state of Arkansas passed a ban on un-married couples that co-habitate from adopting/fostering children (to prevent gay couples from doing so). For what? Because people don’t agree with the who these people love and want to spend their life with. Well you showed them, Arkansas. They can’t provide a loving and stable home for the people who need it most. Oh, wait. Whose getting hurt here????

Also the state of California has likely passed a ban on gay marriage. Again, why? Whats the point? Who does it hurt for Ellen and Portia to be married? Oh, right. No one.

Now is the time that we need to join together regardless of who you cast your vote for. I think it says a lot that the entire world is celebrating with us on our choice. Who can remember a time when that happened?


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  1. Amen to that! (And I’m not even American!) 😉

    Just dropped by to tell you that you won the red maryjanes from the Robeez holiday collection at T.O.P.

    Email me with your mailing address!

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