A face only a mother could love…

well, not really. I know lots of other people who think its pretty cute. I also think its so hilarious. This is the look you get when you say her name to get her attention.

Regardless of how it might look, she isn’t smiling. She hasn’t smelled something funny. That’s just her face.

Also, check out that third tooth coming in (your left, her right on the bottom). She might actually be able to eat more than just purees one of these days.

We are doing good. Halloween night we just stopped by a friend’s house to show off the costume. Cady wasn’t a fan of the trick-or-treating thing. Mainly because, like her 4-legged brothers, the door bell kind of freaks her out.

We don’t have much planned for the upcoming week. I do plan to take my camera to Kindermusik and get some pics of her and her little friends.



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3 responses to “A face only a mother could love…

  1. Amanda jones Raynor

    hey we went to Marshall today to see Nancy and Jess and Jen and guess what!!! Jess is joining Mommyhood!! Due in June!!! THE JONES WILL REPOPULATE THE EARTH SOMEDAY!!!

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