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Giving Thanks

for each and every one of these smiles:


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My KitchenAid Stand Mixer Sad Tale

About 4 years ago, around this time, Jason and I were starting to register for gifts for our wedding.

We had a mismatch of cheap dishes that were hand me downs. We had the trusty old toaster oven from college days. We had a blender, also from college days (Mom and Dad, it was used only for healthy smoothies in those days of course 😉 ). We even had the classic wedding gift, a toaster due to a crying phone call to my mom about the stupid toaster oven not cooking waffles right.

I studied all the latest kitchen gidgets and came up with what I thought would be the best for us. On that last was a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Yeah, at that time I didn’t do any cooking and little to no baking, but we needed it. How would a kitchen be complete without it?

We get to Target and get the scanning gun thing. Jason was in charge of the gun i.e. he wouldn’t let me touch it. We go to scan the mixer and he refuses to. “No one is going to buy us a $250 mixer!” he says. I try to persuade him that someone might. Its the Rolls Royce of mixers.

We ended up registering for some cheapie hand mixer.

I tell this story to several friends after the wedding. The reaction I get more often than not, “You should have registered for it! I definitely would have bought it for you. Its awesome!”

Fast forward to last Thanksgiving. Jason is whipping up some awesome Thanksgiving food. The mixer dies.

So you would think we have a KitchenAid mixer now, right? No. We have some cheap knock off stand mixer. He will never learn.

So, the moral of my story:

Lori over at My Wooden Spoon is giving away YOUR CHOICE of a KitchenAid Immersion Blender, a Cuisinart Food Processor, or a KITCHENAID STAND MIXER! WHOA!

You know I’m going to be doing what I can to win it.


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9 Months Old

Such a big girl!I can’t believe she has been out here as long as she was inside. Its gone by way too fast.

Cady saw the peditrician on Friday. She is 19 lbs and 28 inches long. He was really happy with her growth. She got 3 shots and she even got her finger pricked for some blood work. She cried, but got over it quickly. She has handled this round of vaccines much better than the last few.

He did say something silly. He said that while she would likely be walking on her own by 10 months that we should not encourage her to do so. I personally think its silly because she is going to do things developmentally when she wants. To prove that point she took off on her own that afternoon for a few steps (she had always only walked to get to one of us).

She is in the process of getting all 8 of her front teeth. On the bottom, she both of her central incisors and both of her lateral incisors through the skin. On the top, she has the central incisor (E) through the skin with the other central incisor and both lateral incisors right beneath the surface.

She is into everything. We haven’t really bad to baby proof much (there are locks on the cabinets with the cleaners and liquor), but she is really into cabinets and drawers recently (she is currently in the kitchen with Daddy pulling all my pots and pans out of the cabinet). Not a huge deal because we do have everything dangerous locked up, but we have had some smashed fingers this week. She can also reach the handle on the oven by standing on her tippy toes and she can also almost get to the knobs. Thats a little bit of a problem and something we will be remedying soon.

She has developed a great sense of humor. She loves to make other people laugh. She knows I giggle if she tickles my feet, so any chance she gets she does it. She also thinks belly buttons (other peoples, not her own) are funnny.

These past 9 months with her on the outside have been far better than the 9 months with her on the inside.

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Football Games, Sock Monkies and Bad Hair Days

Cady’s Aunt Lindsi brought her an awesome toy when she came to visit a few weeks ago. She brought her a sock monkey. I was really surprised because she has never really paid much attention to any stuffed animal for more than a few seconds. But she loves the sock monkey. She will drag the silly thing around. She will crawl off and leave it and then look back at it like “Why aren’t you coming with me Sock Monkey?”

She and the sock monkey are best buds…. until he tried to share her pink chair with her. She did not want him in the chair with her. She would toss him out. When I would sit him back she would toss him out again.

We have had a few bad hair days recently. I think it is time to invest in some detangler. This is how she woke up a few mornings ago:

I wasn’t really sure what to do about it, so this was the remedy:

She doesn’t pay much attention to the television, but there are some tried and true things that stop her in her tracks ever single time: the Garden Ridge commercial, the commercial for The Houston Ballet’s Nutcracker, and apparently a doggie circus on The View. She felt like she needed a closer look.

And finally, we traveled a few hours north to watch The Bears play. It was pretty chilly for this area this time of year. We had Cady bundled up and she looked pretty cute.

Even with all her layers, we thought it was too cold to keep her out in the wind, so we left at halftime. The Bears won and will be playing for the championship next Saturday. We are going to be back home in the area and plan on making the game!

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Green Beans and Pink Chairs

That’s what is new in the world of Cady.

First, the green beans. We decided that she was ready to try some non-pureed food. For dinner a few nights ago she had a meal of green beans, string cheese (that I shredded up) and grapes (that I squished). She loved it! She got to feed herself, and I think she was a big fan of that.

She also wanted to share her feelings about Tennessee’s record this season (hence the bib).I think her face says it all.

Her 9 month photo is coming up in a few days. I wanted to prepare everyone to see a new chair in this photo. I found it at Target and there was no way I could pass it up. It screams Cady (or Courtney, one or the other).

She is still only taking one or two steps at a time. She does really good if she is holding my hand, but she still is a little nervous to get out on her own.

While one or two steps might not seem dangerous. They really are. If you couldn’t tell in the pictures above, she has a little bruise under her right eye. She lost her balance and got her first boo boo. It was almost a black eye. She was a big girl and only cried for a little bit.

Her 9 month appointment is on Friday, so there will be news from that. We are also planning a trip a little north of us to watch the Bears play on Saturday.

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Mylicon recall

Okay fellow mom’s, another recall out there.

Certain bottles of Mylicon Gas Relief Dye Free Drops are being recalled because they could contain METAL FRAGMENTS!!!! Find out more details here.

We are okay. We had a bottle of the dye free soon after Cady was born (Before we discovered Gripe Water). We have another bottle of Mylicon, but it isn’t the dye free formula. Thank goodness.

For real. I have a post of Cady pictures that I will make at some point during this day.

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Lest We Forget….

My Space Or Yours?.net

Thank you.

**Cady post coming later**

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Cady can walk. She can take a step or two at a time. Honestly, its really more of a lunge while moving her feet forward. She is standing on her own like a champ. She turns 9 months in a week and I fully expect her to be walking by that time. When it becomes a little more predictable I will definitely get a video of it.

The weather lately has been beautiful. Not very November like, but definitely beautiful.

Cady and I have been taking full advantage of this and spending some time every day outside. We could both definitely use more Vitamin D. We take her shopping cart out with us and she pushes it back and forth on the sidewalk in front of the house. But her favorite thing is to just sit in the grass. Today I got some pictures while we were out.


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I finally remembered to take my camera to Kindermusik this week. And due to lots of text and little pictures the last few posts I will try to do the exact opposite this post.

In the “hammock”

Her friend, Owen, was very into her socks

Cady and Owen playing footsie

Cady and Mommy doing some reading

And finally a video of my little chatterbox. What do you think she is talking about?

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Yes, We Can!!!

One more political post and then I will get back to the important stuff: pictures of Cady. Promise.

Obviously, I am thrilled that Barack Obama won. I think our country is on the verge of something amazing and exciting. Everyone knows I think this country needs change and he will work toward the kind of change we need.

I do have some not so nice things to say though.

As proud as I am to be an American right now, I am also disappointed in lots of people.

I am disappointed (but not surprised) that some people’s true colors have been shown. I have seen/heard too many people saying ridiculous and derogatory things about Obama. He is NOT Muslim (but so what if he is). This country will not become socialist. We have checks and balances people. We learned this way back in elementary school. Obama does not have complete control. He and the democrats and REPUBLICANS in Congress will work together toward the best solutions for our country.

I am disappointed at the hatred that exists in this world. The state of Arkansas passed a ban on un-married couples that co-habitate from adopting/fostering children (to prevent gay couples from doing so). For what? Because people don’t agree with the who these people love and want to spend their life with. Well you showed them, Arkansas. They can’t provide a loving and stable home for the people who need it most. Oh, wait. Whose getting hurt here????

Also the state of California has likely passed a ban on gay marriage. Again, why? Whats the point? Who does it hurt for Ellen and Portia to be married? Oh, right. No one.

Now is the time that we need to join together regardless of who you cast your vote for. I think it says a lot that the entire world is celebrating with us on our choice. Who can remember a time when that happened?

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