My mom told me the other day of a release from Carter’s. Their Fall ’07 line has been linked to rashes on babies. I was in a hurry that day and did check right then.

Cady developed a small rash under her arms, and it brought my mind back to Carter’s since we have been rash free for a while now.

I went here to find more info. Sure enough, all of the onesies Cady wears on a daily basis and several of her sleepers are “the bad kind.” I’ve gone through all of her clothes (even things we packed away) and have removed all of the bad ones. I’m going to email Carter’s and see what we can do about the onesies. But obviously a shopping trip is in our immediate future.

The rash is nothing serious, but with her history with rashes we are not taking any chances.

Here are OK tags:

And the “bad” tags:

Pictures from Carter’s

Just wanted to give a heads up to the other mom’s out there.



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  1. Jeania

    Hey thanks. Is there a website that elaborates a little more on this? Are ALL of the square tags bad? Did they say what it is that causes the rashes?

  2. Jeania

    Ok, I just saw the link up there….whoops. Sorry!

  3. Kelsey

    I am sooo happy you posted this, Court. We are DIE HARD Carter’s fans and I am currently going through Paxi’s wardrobe as I type. Do you think this is what caused Cady’s rash?!?!

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