He loves us, he loves us not….

He loves us!

If anyone ever had any doubt as to whether my husband is head over heels for me and this little baby girl it can be put to rest. This man has gone above and beyond today to make the two of us (mostly me) happy.

Since we found out I was pregnant, I have looked forward to this time of year. I love the Fall season. I love Halloween. Its definitely at the top for me as far as holidays go. I’ve just been waiting to take Cady to the pumpkin patch and get her picture taken on a hay bale.

October weekends filled up quickly and before we knew it we were booked and out of time to go to the pumpkin patch on a weekend. Just a few miles from our house is a petting zoo sort of place that has a “pumpkin patch” in October. They are open on weekdays, so we decided to try our luck there.

It was the saddest little thing you could ever imagine. There were two or three hay bales stacked up under a pavilion. There were a few dozen tiny little pumpkins sitting on picnic tables. And there was a $14 charge to get in. I wanted my fall pictures badly, but not that badly.

Needless to say, I was disappointed, but still not so disappointed to pay $14 for what we were going to get.

We came home and I threw myself into cleaning to fight off the disappointment. While I was shampooing the carpet, my wonderful husband found a place to buy a hay bale (this is a difficult feat in the ‘burbs). And we did just that. We got a hay bale and a couple of pumpkins and made my fall pictures our own reality. And man did they turn out cute!



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3 responses to “He loves us, he loves us not….

  1. Looks like you picked the cutest pumpkin from the patch!!

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