Attention shoppers

I’m back. But still no pictures. But really, aren’t videos better?

I thought everyone would like to see her walking abilities. (Google video is acting crazy today so I’m trying this new site. Let me know if the video doesn’t work for you) Never mind. Google Video started working for me again

We went to KinderMusik on Tuesday this week. Instead of out usual class with 3 to 4 other babies, we were in a class with about 15 other babies. It took Cady a little while to take it all in, but I think this new Tuesday class is going to be good for her. I also think I’m making a new mom friend.

She truly is learning something new every day. The newest thing we are working on is waving hi and bye. Hopefully I can get a video of it soon.

I really am going to try to have new pictures the next time I post.


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One response to “Attention shoppers

  1. Monkey has a shopping cart, too. Hers doesn’t make fun sounds and sing, though!

    And now that we’ve watched the video 4 times and Monkey is done waving at Cady, she’s allowing me to post a comment.

    They grow so quickly.

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