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My mom told me the other day of a release from Carter’s. Their Fall ’07 line has been linked to rashes on babies. I was in a hurry that day and did check right then.

Cady developed a small rash under her arms, and it brought my mind back to Carter’s since we have been rash free for a while now.

I went here to find more info. Sure enough, all of the onesies Cady wears on a daily basis and several of her sleepers are “the bad kind.” I’ve gone through all of her clothes (even things we packed away) and have removed all of the bad ones. I’m going to email Carter’s and see what we can do about the onesies. But obviously a shopping trip is in our immediate future.

The rash is nothing serious, but with her history with rashes we are not taking any chances.

Here are OK tags:

And the “bad” tags:

Pictures from Carter’s

Just wanted to give a heads up to the other mom’s out there.



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Happy Halloween

from Cady the Honey Bee


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Okay Google Videos still sucks apparently, and Vimeo also sucks. So hopefully One True Media will work. Cross your fingers folks.

Cady likes to rearrange my furniture. She loves to push the dining table chairs around. (click on the picture to view it)

View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 10/29/08

She also loves her puppies. Here she is playing with Brutus. (once again click on the picture to view)

View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 10/29/08

Alright, Halloween post either later tonight or tomorrow.

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I don’t have much to post about today. I did want to check in a let everyone know that we are all ok.

I do want to say that I have some of the most amazing friends ever. Three of my closest friends from all the way back in high school came to visit this weekend. We had a great time and I miss them so much already.

I actually have a really cute video of Cady, and I’m trying to get Google video to work for me. We’ll see

I will also be making a big Halloween post coming soon. I’m been trying to kind of keep her Halloween costume under wraps a little bit. All for the sake of the blog.

That’s all I’ve got. Just wanted to check in.


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He loves us, he loves us not….

He loves us!

If anyone ever had any doubt as to whether my husband is head over heels for me and this little baby girl it can be put to rest. This man has gone above and beyond today to make the two of us (mostly me) happy.

Since we found out I was pregnant, I have looked forward to this time of year. I love the Fall season. I love Halloween. Its definitely at the top for me as far as holidays go. I’ve just been waiting to take Cady to the pumpkin patch and get her picture taken on a hay bale.

October weekends filled up quickly and before we knew it we were booked and out of time to go to the pumpkin patch on a weekend. Just a few miles from our house is a petting zoo sort of place that has a “pumpkin patch” in October. They are open on weekdays, so we decided to try our luck there.

It was the saddest little thing you could ever imagine. There were two or three hay bales stacked up under a pavilion. There were a few dozen tiny little pumpkins sitting on picnic tables. And there was a $14 charge to get in. I wanted my fall pictures badly, but not that badly.

Needless to say, I was disappointed, but still not so disappointed to pay $14 for what we were going to get.

We came home and I threw myself into cleaning to fight off the disappointment. While I was shampooing the carpet, my wonderful husband found a place to buy a hay bale (this is a difficult feat in the ‘burbs). And we did just that. We got a hay bale and a couple of pumpkins and made my fall pictures our own reality. And man did they turn out cute!


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Happy 8 Months Cady Cupcake!

That baby that you see above… She is 8 months old! I can’t believe it. Isn’t that the sweetest 8 month old smile you’ve ever seen?

Here is her official 8 month picture

You might notice the lack of the official handmade sign for this month’s picture. Cady is not currently able to handle the responsibility that comes with having paper within reach. She has this issue where she wads it up and sees how fast she can shove every bit of it in her mouth.

She is such a big girl now. She is crawling, pulling up and cruising like a champ. She wants to badly to walk. You can tell she thinks about. Any day now.

She is still my little chatterbox. She has many of the consonant sounds down. Ba, Ma, Da, and Na. She goes through moods and will only use one sound over and over and over. Right now she is on a Ma kick. Everything is mama. I’m mama. Jason’s mama. Her toys are mama. Her food is mama. I’m liking this phase. Jason is not too thrilled with being called mama all the time. We’ll see how long it lasts.

She understands the word “no” now. She doesn’t always obey it, but I’m sure she understands it. She definitely hears it enough.

She has mastered all purees. We are starting to move on to finger foods. We are going to be introducing cheese fairly soon. She will also be trying pastas and non-pureed fruit.

But my favorite thing about this month…. her bald spot is FINALLY starting to fill in. She might actually have a full head of hair by the time she is a teenager.

Okay I know that picture doesn’t really seem like its filling in, but trust me. There are some very light blonde hairs covering that spot.

Those are some of the highlights of this past month. Now what we are looking forward to coming up:

* Our first UCA game complete with a Reverend and a Yet. We even have a t-shirt to support the team

* Going to the pumpkin patch and getting some cute Fall pictures

* Several old friends coming for a visit

* Halloween!

Be prepared for pictures of these upcoming events.

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Dancin’ Machine

Okay still no pictures, but I just keep rolling out the hits with the videos.

Cady and I were playing and I had some music on (my music, not hers). I noticed that if something had a good beat she would dance to it. I had to get it on video.

Cutest thing ever! Jason is not convinced she was actually dancing, but I’m sure of it.

Also, please take note of how good she cruises from the ottoman to the couch. Its just a matter of time and this kid is going to be walking.


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Attention shoppers

I’m back. But still no pictures. But really, aren’t videos better?

I thought everyone would like to see her walking abilities. (Google video is acting crazy today so I’m trying this new site. Let me know if the video doesn’t work for you) Never mind. Google Video started working for me again

We went to KinderMusik on Tuesday this week. Instead of out usual class with 3 to 4 other babies, we were in a class with about 15 other babies. It took Cady a little while to take it all in, but I think this new Tuesday class is going to be good for her. I also think I’m making a new mom friend.

She truly is learning something new every day. The newest thing we are working on is waving hi and bye. Hopefully I can get a video of it soon.

I really am going to try to have new pictures the next time I post.

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If you’re happy and you know it…

Clap your hands!

That’s exactly what Cady is trying to do (I know I said I would be back with pictures, but I really have none that I’m currently willing to share).

After playing pat-a-cake and other clapping game 40 times a day, Cady is finally trying to clap on her own. The motion isn’t perfected, but I’m pretty sure clapping is her intent.


I promise I will try to be better about taking pictures, but she is just so active that its hard to get any that aren’t blurry or of the back of her head


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Little Baby, New Tricks

7.5 months is going at the top of the list as my favorite age so far. I don’t know how it can get much better than this. She is picking up on things so fast. This week I was able to teach her how to give kisses. And in good Blogger Mommy fashion, I was able to get a video of it.

I’ll make a longer post with some more pictures this weekend. I’m hoping to convince Jason to let me set up some Halloween/Fall decorations this weekend so I can get some Fall pictures of Cady.


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