Oh, how things have changed…

My mom likes to say this, while giggling to herself, about different things related to me being a mother.

I won tickets to a meet and greet with a country singer. It was the same day as Cady’s 6 month Dr’s appt. I gave my tickets away because I would rather be at her appointment.

In my Coach bag I had baby shoes.

Things like this. Stuff it would have been hard to imagine happening to me.

Well Mom, I’ve got a new one for you.

You know my wedding bands that I love? My perfect princess cut solitaire in a tulip setting? The ring that I would keep clean religiously?

Yeah, I got baby poop on it today.

Oh the joys of motherhood.

Silver Lining: It gave me an excuse to clean it.



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3 responses to “Oh, how things have changed…

  1. Mom

    Things may have changed, but look what you get in exchange. Your very own Angel doll from heaven!!! So all in all it’s so worth it, and you are the best Mommy! Love you Mom

  2. Kelsey

    This is great. I think about things like this all the time and YES things have changed, but most definatley for the better.

  3. I hear poop is the new mud bath and does wonders for the skin. My hands are silky smooth now. HA HA

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