Adventures in Microwave Baking

This blog is mostly Cady related, but I like to change it up every once in awhile. Keep it fresh.

Since becoming a Stay-At-Home-Mommy, I’ve really been working on my culinary skills. I discovered I actually like cooking (I didn’t think I did) and I’m kinda getting good at it. Really there was only room for improvement after the Garlic Fiasco of 2006 (tsp and tbsp look WAY too much alike).

I’ve started reading a ton of cooking blogs, so I always have a list of new and fun recipes to try. I’m really going to try hard to start featuring them more often.

Tonight I tried something I didn’t know was possible. Microwave Baking. I found a super easy recipe for Microwave Mug Cake. So I decided to give it a try. You know you have those days where you just need something sweet, but there is nothing in the house. Everything in this recipe I already had in my pantry.

So I mixed up my dry ingredients

Added my wet ingredients

And popped it in the microwave

And I waited

Then it was done

Taking the first bite

My review: I left out the chocolate chips because we didn’t have any. Now I know why they said they were optional, but not really. You need them for sweetness and moisture. The cocoa is too bitter and sucks out the moisture. A friend who tried it with the chocolate chips said they all sank to the bottom. So we thought chocolate syrup might be the answer.

I plan on perfecting this recipe, so I will let you know as I experiment more.


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