I’m a survivor…

of Ike. Yes, we made it through. And we made it through well I must say.

Quick Ike recap:

We lost power around 1am Saturday morning. I woke up around 3 am to unbelievable wind and rain. It was shaking the house and the windows. I was in and out the whole time. Cady and Jason slept right through it. We all woke up around 5:30. We were in the eye of the storm at that time. It was weird. Very eerie. Not long after the back side of the storm came through. It was actually supposed to worse than the front side. The winds were coming from West to East. Our house faces east, so we were able to sit on our doorstep and be completely protected from the wind and the rain. So that’s just what we did. Yes, I realize that is very redneck of us, but what else were we supposed to do. Plus we are from Arkansas, and Cady enjoyed herself.

We were extremely lucky. We sustained zero damage from Ike. Not a downed limb. Not a single shingle gone. Many around us were not so lucky.

We were also lucky in the fact that we had water (and were not under a boil order) and we got power back after 4 days. Someone was looking out for us for sure.

During all this, my precious little girl turned 7 months old. I can’t even believe she is this old. Like everyone told me, its all going by WAY too fast. She wasn’t all for putting on a cute outfit for her 7 month photo shoot since we didn’t have power. But honestly, does the child need a fancy outfit to make her adorable? Obviously not.

She is such a big girl now. She is so good at crawling. She is awesome at pulling up. She is getting pretty good at cruising around the couch and other things. She loves to go in between the ottoman and the couch. She is going to be walking so soon. And I’m totally not ready for this.

She is also such a big help. She helped me make the bed the other day. Can’t you tell that she helped so much?

And just a few from today that are super cute. I love the outfit I put her in. My favorite.

I dread the day when I don’t get to pick her clothes out anymore.

Another thing that happened during my long blogging absence was my birthday. I turned 26. It was easily the worst birthday I have ever had. Pretty much everyone forgot it (for real, everyone). I wasn’t able to even celebrate with a birthday dinner. Because of all this I’m having a 2008 birthday do-over. I’m planning it for October 4th. Things are pretty much back to normal here. So I’m still currently 25 for another week and a half.


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  1. FWIW – FAK didn’t forget your birthday. *smooch*

    But I totally agree that a re-do is in order!

    Your girl is absolutely adorable. And I agree again – adorable outfits not needed.

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