Before we loose power

I wanted to post a few Cady pics to get you through.

But first, about Ike. We have all sorts of supplies. Its about 12 hours until landfall. The winds have picked up quite a bit. But we are ready to ride it out. After the worst of it is over, if it looks like we will be without power for awhile then Cady and I (possibly Jason too) will go somewhere that has power. But we can rough it for a day or two.

Okay Picture Time

Cady loves looking out the window, and I thought these ended up being pretty good shots.

And last night in the bath I made Cady look like a rocker chick.

Okay that’s it. If I’m able, I am going to try to get some cool pictures and videos of the storm. And I promise I will check back in just as soon as I am able.

Keep us and the rest of the area in your thoughts


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  1. Hey you have been TAGGED!!!! Check it out at Have fun!! We miss you already!!

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