Sorry, life got the better of me and its been hard to find time to blog. Plus my camera batteries died and cute things were trapped inside. But we are back, we are charged up and we are ready to blog.

Cady is a pulling up machine now. Anything and everything she pulls up on. I discovered this when I went into her room after one of her naps.

Now its how I find her every morning and after every nap. Its also how I find her in the middle of the night sometimes. We’ll save that for a later time.

She also had found that the baby gate keeping her out of the front room is also a great place to pull up.

At first, getting back down was a problem. She’s getting a little better at that part.

She is still doing really well on the solid foods. We are doing three meals a day and a few bottle throughout the day. We really haven’t found anything she doesn’t like. Her favorites are pretty much everything. Obviously she and I have our feeding thing down. Cady and Daddy…. sometimes not so much.

That’s what happened while Daddy fed her. I don’t think she was as pissed as she looked. But even if she was, can you blame her? She has bananas up to her eyebrows.

We are working on using the sippy cup also. She is doing ok on that front. A lot of times I catch her with it upside down. I’m talking spout pointing at the floor and chewing on the bottom of the cup. She’s getting the hang of it slowly though. The newest thing we’ve started is feeding herself. After dinner and sometimes lunch, she gets a few sweet potato puffs on her tray and chases them around. The hand-eye coordination is getting better.

And now some random shots.

She loves the dogs and she loves playing with them. I just wish she wasn’t so interested in their toys (and vice versa).

The silly girl wiggled her way into one of my shirts the other day. Still a little big, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

That’s all I have right now. We start Kindermusik class tomorrow. If I have a chance to take pictures I will.



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  1. I can’t believe how big she’s getting.

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