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I have a several videos of Cady and a few pictures, but I have some bad news first.

The rash has returned. The medications the Pedi prescribed worked great. The rash disappeared completely. As soon as we stopped the medicine it came back. And it came back with a vengeance.

I did some research online and found a family who has a blog about their daughter. She got a rash that not only sounded similar but looked identical to Cady’s. Her rash was also diagnosed and treated as a yeast rash, but ended up coming back almost immediately. It turned out to be a staph/strep rash.

Obviously this concerned me. So back to the doctor we went. Once again, he was just baffled by the fact that it hadn’t gone away. I told him my theory about the staph/strep rash. At first he kind of blew me off. But I remained persistent and finally I feel like he came around. He took a culture off her neck, so in the next few days we should know conclusively what the rash is. Until then, we are continuing the anti-fungal and the pro-biotic in case it is yeast. He also prescribed an antibiotic in case its staph/strep. Hopefully this will finally get it cleared up.

Okay enough bad stuff. Time for videos.

Cady decided, literally overnight, that she wanted to stop her army crawl and move on to actually full out crawling. She has been able to do it for some time now, but she could go faster in the army crawl. She still reverts back to the army crawl when she really has it on her mind to get to something quickly, but she is crawling normally a large majority of the time.

I think this crawling thing is not going to last long. She is really wanting to be upright. She pulls up on EVERYTHING. Luckily, she is still a little small to reach alot of good pulling up spots, so most of the time she pulls up and remains bending over. This equals less chance of her falling backward and busting her head open on the tile. Until today. She discovered the kitchen chairs are awesome for pulling up on and cruising (walking herself along the endge of something) a tiny bit. It makes me a nervous wreck.

Another of her new favorite things is jabbering. Constantly. Its really only quiet in my house during nap time. She has something extremely serious and important to say. And boy does she say it loudly. I like to think that she is trying to talk politics with me. I know she is just as fired up about the election as me. She and I are even working on Daddy about getting us an Obama onesie. In this video I’m sure she is talking about what a poor decision McCain made with his VP choice. 😉

This last video is really difficult to make out. One of her new things is crawling into the hallway and yelling. She can hear her voice echo there. I was just trying to get a video of that, but this time she started hiding from me around the corner. I was across the room, so zooming in that far made it fuzzy.

A big first for Cady happened this week. She got to root on the Tennessee Volunteers for the first time. She only got to experience the first little bit of the game during her nighttime bottle, but it was still thrilling for her. She even dressed the part.

Obviously, we didn’t go on Daddy’s business trip with him. Gustav obviously didn’t affect us at all. Instead it got everyone back home. Sorry, ya’ll.

I’m going to leave you with this. Its what Cady is doing right now.

Isn’t that little bottom up in the air just the cutest thing?




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  1. belle

    i have a new baby brother or sister she will be born in april. i love your website

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