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Oh, how things have changed…

My mom likes to say this, while giggling to herself, about different things related to me being a mother.

I won tickets to a meet and greet with a country singer. It was the same day as Cady’s 6 month Dr’s appt. I gave my tickets away because I would rather be at her appointment.

In my Coach bag I had baby shoes.

Things like this. Stuff it would have been hard to imagine happening to me.

Well Mom, I’ve got a new one for you.

You know my wedding bands that I love? My perfect princess cut solitaire in a tulip setting? The ring that I would keep clean religiously?

Yeah, I got baby poop on it today.

Oh the joys of motherhood.

Silver Lining: It gave me an excuse to clean it.



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Adventures in Microwave Baking

This blog is mostly Cady related, but I like to change it up every once in awhile. Keep it fresh.

Since becoming a Stay-At-Home-Mommy, I’ve really been working on my culinary skills. I discovered I actually like cooking (I didn’t think I did) and I’m kinda getting good at it. Really there was only room for improvement after the Garlic Fiasco of 2006 (tsp and tbsp look WAY too much alike).

I’ve started reading a ton of cooking blogs, so I always have a list of new and fun recipes to try. I’m really going to try hard to start featuring them more often.

Tonight I tried something I didn’t know was possible. Microwave Baking. I found a super easy recipe for Microwave Mug Cake. So I decided to give it a try. You know you have those days where you just need something sweet, but there is nothing in the house. Everything in this recipe I already had in my pantry.

So I mixed up my dry ingredients

Added my wet ingredients

And popped it in the microwave

And I waited

Then it was done

Taking the first bite

My review: I left out the chocolate chips because we didn’t have any. Now I know why they said they were optional, but not really. You need them for sweetness and moisture. The cocoa is too bitter and sucks out the moisture. A friend who tried it with the chocolate chips said they all sank to the bottom. So we thought chocolate syrup might be the answer.

I plan on perfecting this recipe, so I will let you know as I experiment more.

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Tag! I’m it!

And now, so are you.

I was tagged by my favorite sister-in-law, Melissa.

So here are the rules:

(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.

(2) Link the person you received your award from.

(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs. (I’ve also seen 6…)

(4) Put links of those on yours.

(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated.

1. I nominate The Feisty Tourist. Love to travel? Read her blog. Tons of interesting links, good travel tips and she always takes the best vacations.

2. Little Rails. We share the salon industry background, but most importantly check out that cute kid. Love!

3. Jodi over at The Road Less Traveled. What doesn’t Jodi do? Gardening, Crafting, cooking…. You name it, she does it. And once again, could her kid get any cuter?

4. Michelle’s A Mom. Again, adorable kiddo, great blog. Check it out.

5. Cady’s current bestie, Paxtin Grace, needs a shout out as well. Apparently, I only know people with adorable kids.

6. Okay for an non-kid-related blog, try See Elsbeth Run. She is amazing. She is training for a marathon to raise money for blood cancer research. I’m totally in awe.

7. And last, but definitely not least, The House That Osh Built. Awesome kid. Hilarious, intelligent and ridiculously strong mom that is always a good read.


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I’m a survivor…

of Ike. Yes, we made it through. And we made it through well I must say.

Quick Ike recap:

We lost power around 1am Saturday morning. I woke up around 3 am to unbelievable wind and rain. It was shaking the house and the windows. I was in and out the whole time. Cady and Jason slept right through it. We all woke up around 5:30. We were in the eye of the storm at that time. It was weird. Very eerie. Not long after the back side of the storm came through. It was actually supposed to worse than the front side. The winds were coming from West to East. Our house faces east, so we were able to sit on our doorstep and be completely protected from the wind and the rain. So that’s just what we did. Yes, I realize that is very redneck of us, but what else were we supposed to do. Plus we are from Arkansas, and Cady enjoyed herself.

We were extremely lucky. We sustained zero damage from Ike. Not a downed limb. Not a single shingle gone. Many around us were not so lucky.

We were also lucky in the fact that we had water (and were not under a boil order) and we got power back after 4 days. Someone was looking out for us for sure.

During all this, my precious little girl turned 7 months old. I can’t even believe she is this old. Like everyone told me, its all going by WAY too fast. She wasn’t all for putting on a cute outfit for her 7 month photo shoot since we didn’t have power. But honestly, does the child need a fancy outfit to make her adorable? Obviously not.

She is such a big girl now. She is so good at crawling. She is awesome at pulling up. She is getting pretty good at cruising around the couch and other things. She loves to go in between the ottoman and the couch. She is going to be walking so soon. And I’m totally not ready for this.

She is also such a big help. She helped me make the bed the other day. Can’t you tell that she helped so much?

And just a few from today that are super cute. I love the outfit I put her in. My favorite.

I dread the day when I don’t get to pick her clothes out anymore.

Another thing that happened during my long blogging absence was my birthday. I turned 26. It was easily the worst birthday I have ever had. Pretty much everyone forgot it (for real, everyone). I wasn’t able to even celebrate with a birthday dinner. Because of all this I’m having a 2008 birthday do-over. I’m planning it for October 4th. Things are pretty much back to normal here. So I’m still currently 25 for another week and a half.

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Before we loose power

I wanted to post a few Cady pics to get you through.

But first, about Ike. We have all sorts of supplies. Its about 12 hours until landfall. The winds have picked up quite a bit. But we are ready to ride it out. After the worst of it is over, if it looks like we will be without power for awhile then Cady and I (possibly Jason too) will go somewhere that has power. But we can rough it for a day or two.

Okay Picture Time

Cady loves looking out the window, and I thought these ended up being pretty good shots.

And last night in the bath I made Cady look like a rocker chick.

Okay that’s it. If I’m able, I am going to try to get some cool pictures and videos of the storm. And I promise I will check back in just as soon as I am able.

Keep us and the rest of the area in your thoughts

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Some cool (FREE) stuff

I have just discovered the amazing world of giveaway blogs. There are TONS of cool blogs out there that are giving away tons of cools things! I’m going to try to post some of these every once in awhile. I know, I know. It will decrease my chances of winning, but I love the people who take the time to read this blog, so its worth it. Oh and most of the time its things for babies and kids, but they could make awesome gifts.

Life Is Like Champagne is giving away a Medium Zippy pouch in your choice of fabric from Carissa Black’s Etsy shop (how great is Etsy?). All you have to do is tell her which fabric you would want and you are entered. It couldn’t be simpler.

— This one is only for you other blogger’s out there. Tip Junkie is giving away a bunch of great stuff from a ton of great online vendors. Really she is giving away too much to list. All you have to do is add her little button to your blog and then leave her a comment telling her you did so. And its all in celebration of her birthday (which just so happens to be the same day as mine!). What could be better than getting gifts for someone else’s birthday?!?!?

The Giveaway is giving away your choice of a cute pair of shoes from See Kai Run. Just tell her your favorite pair. Too cute!

— And this one is for everyone. Now Entering Momville is giving away a funky custom necklace from Blue Mama’s Etsy shop.  Once again, you just have to pick your favorite.

Happy entering and Good Luck!

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Sorry, life got the better of me and its been hard to find time to blog. Plus my camera batteries died and cute things were trapped inside. But we are back, we are charged up and we are ready to blog.

Cady is a pulling up machine now. Anything and everything she pulls up on. I discovered this when I went into her room after one of her naps.

Now its how I find her every morning and after every nap. Its also how I find her in the middle of the night sometimes. We’ll save that for a later time.

She also had found that the baby gate keeping her out of the front room is also a great place to pull up.

At first, getting back down was a problem. She’s getting a little better at that part.

She is still doing really well on the solid foods. We are doing three meals a day and a few bottle throughout the day. We really haven’t found anything she doesn’t like. Her favorites are pretty much everything. Obviously she and I have our feeding thing down. Cady and Daddy…. sometimes not so much.

That’s what happened while Daddy fed her. I don’t think she was as pissed as she looked. But even if she was, can you blame her? She has bananas up to her eyebrows.

We are working on using the sippy cup also. She is doing ok on that front. A lot of times I catch her with it upside down. I’m talking spout pointing at the floor and chewing on the bottom of the cup. She’s getting the hang of it slowly though. The newest thing we’ve started is feeding herself. After dinner and sometimes lunch, she gets a few sweet potato puffs on her tray and chases them around. The hand-eye coordination is getting better.

And now some random shots.

She loves the dogs and she loves playing with them. I just wish she wasn’t so interested in their toys (and vice versa).

The silly girl wiggled her way into one of my shirts the other day. Still a little big, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

That’s all I have right now. We start Kindermusik class tomorrow. If I have a chance to take pictures I will.


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Video post

I have a several videos of Cady and a few pictures, but I have some bad news first.

The rash has returned. The medications the Pedi prescribed worked great. The rash disappeared completely. As soon as we stopped the medicine it came back. And it came back with a vengeance.

I did some research online and found a family who has a blog about their daughter. She got a rash that not only sounded similar but looked identical to Cady’s. Her rash was also diagnosed and treated as a yeast rash, but ended up coming back almost immediately. It turned out to be a staph/strep rash.

Obviously this concerned me. So back to the doctor we went. Once again, he was just baffled by the fact that it hadn’t gone away. I told him my theory about the staph/strep rash. At first he kind of blew me off. But I remained persistent and finally I feel like he came around. He took a culture off her neck, so in the next few days we should know conclusively what the rash is. Until then, we are continuing the anti-fungal and the pro-biotic in case it is yeast. He also prescribed an antibiotic in case its staph/strep. Hopefully this will finally get it cleared up.

Okay enough bad stuff. Time for videos.

Cady decided, literally overnight, that she wanted to stop her army crawl and move on to actually full out crawling. She has been able to do it for some time now, but she could go faster in the army crawl. She still reverts back to the army crawl when she really has it on her mind to get to something quickly, but she is crawling normally a large majority of the time.

I think this crawling thing is not going to last long. She is really wanting to be upright. She pulls up on EVERYTHING. Luckily, she is still a little small to reach alot of good pulling up spots, so most of the time she pulls up and remains bending over. This equals less chance of her falling backward and busting her head open on the tile. Until today. She discovered the kitchen chairs are awesome for pulling up on and cruising (walking herself along the endge of something) a tiny bit. It makes me a nervous wreck.

Another of her new favorite things is jabbering. Constantly. Its really only quiet in my house during nap time. She has something extremely serious and important to say. And boy does she say it loudly. I like to think that she is trying to talk politics with me. I know she is just as fired up about the election as me. She and I are even working on Daddy about getting us an Obama onesie. In this video I’m sure she is talking about what a poor decision McCain made with his VP choice. 😉

This last video is really difficult to make out. One of her new things is crawling into the hallway and yelling. She can hear her voice echo there. I was just trying to get a video of that, but this time she started hiding from me around the corner. I was across the room, so zooming in that far made it fuzzy.

A big first for Cady happened this week. She got to root on the Tennessee Volunteers for the first time. She only got to experience the first little bit of the game during her nighttime bottle, but it was still thrilling for her. She even dressed the part.

Obviously, we didn’t go on Daddy’s business trip with him. Gustav obviously didn’t affect us at all. Instead it got everyone back home. Sorry, ya’ll.

I’m going to leave you with this. Its what Cady is doing right now.

Isn’t that little bottom up in the air just the cutest thing?



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