A Day at the Park

and a few other random things….

We decided to take Cady to the park today to see if she would enjoy swinging. I think she does

We also experience the slide for the first time

I always forget about the neighborhood park and its only a a block or two from our house. We will definitely be take more advantage of it as the temps start to cool down a little.

Cady is officially pulling up since my last post. I caught it on film a few times. She tends to not pick the best things to pull up on.

Like her bouncy seat or a box of diapers…

And of course, she has found new and different ways to be completely silly. Its definitely what she is best at. She crawled into one of those pop-up hamper things.

I probably won’t have another post until the end of the week. Jason has some work going on north of us, so Cady and I are going to tag along. We are going to *try* to miss some of the rain that Gustav is going to bring our way. Plus its a good chance for us to see our favorite little man, Jack.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day tomorrow! Enjoy your time off!



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3 responses to “A Day at the Park

  1. Swings took both my girls awhile to get used to, looks like she loves them though!

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