I think we’re in trouble

This baby is not even completely mobile yet, and she is already making me crazy.

We have had to put a baby gate up to keep her confined to certain areas, and so the dogs can have some sort of reprieve from her.

She is always getting into the things that I don’t want her to get in to. She loves electrical outlets. Thank goodness for those little plastic inserts. Just kidding Mom, I don’t let my baby play with outlets.

And over the last few days, she has started trying to pull up and climb.

I caught Little Miss Daredevil climbing over her high chair today

I can handle climbing over things like that (although I still think she’s too young). This is what I can’t handle.

She climbed up on the bottom shelf of our ottoman table.

To Mom and Dad: Does this remind you of anyone? I know of a couple of pictures out there of me as a baby doing pretty much the same thing in the kitchen cabinets.

We lowered her mattress tonight because I don’t want to wake up to a baby that has fallen out of her crib on her head.

Her rash is looking SO much better. She hasn’t had any sort of reactions to any of the medication and I think we are finally getting on top of this.



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4 responses to “I think we’re in trouble

  1. Osh

    enroll her in gymnastics now!

  2. I’m so glad to hear her rash is getting better!

    And, just a warning… those pictures are giving me mini-flashbacks to when my monkey was just a hair younger. This is just the beginning. Be prepared for climbing to the top of the couch (why do you think I call her monkey, after all?).

    You’re going to want to keep that wine handy. You’re going to need it. lol

  3. Melissa & Brandon

    She is on the go now!! Good luck!!! =)

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