Good friends and glass of wine

Okay maybe just a glass of wine. The good friends are in another state. But man, do I wish they were around. Its been one of those days that (thankfully, are few and far between) make me pour a big glass of wine as soon as Jason gets home.

Cady’s rash, that I mentioned a few posts ago, is not better at all. In fact, it is significantly worse. We religiously applied the cream the doctor told us to. By Thursday we were seeing a slight improvement. Saturday everything changed. It got worse than ever and started to spread. I decided at that point that regardless of anything I was going to take her back to the pediatrician today.

So we go. First, they can’t find her chart. We’ve only been there like 6 times in 6 months. You would think they would have an “always here” file and put us in there. Her pediatrician looks at her rash and he is honestly baffled. Its not a very comforting thing when the expert doesn’t know whats on your daughter’s skin.

He THINKS the yeast rash has somehow gotten into her stomach and intestines and that’s why she is continuing to break out over and over. He prescribes two different ointments to apply to the rash, an oral anti-fungal, and an oral pro-biotic.

Those don’t seem to scary, right? But I only know all that because I now have the medicines and have read up on them. When the doctor is prescribing four different medicines for my six month old child for something he doesn’t really seem sure about its kind of scary. Plus he didn’t do a really good job of explaining them.

I was scared. The child has barely had four different foods in her life, let alone four different medications that have some scary side effects and reactions. I didn’t know what to do. I felt very backed into a corner. On the one hand, this rash is not getting better on its own and I went to the doctor to get medicine to make it just go away. But on the other, I felt like he was just throwing medicine at it without being completely sure what, if anything, was going to work. For future doctors, it may be a bad idea to tell a patient that you are baffled and then prescribe a ton of medicine. I’m just sayin’

After much crying to my mom and Jason, I went ahead and filled the prescriptions. Knowing what they are makes me feel a lot better. They aren’t super scary. Plus they should go to work within a day or two. If they don’t, its second opinion time.

I’ve just been dealing with all that wonderful mom guilt (that no one but mom’s understand). I only want to do what is best for Cady and sometimes its so hard to know what that it.

Are you still with me? I’m sneaky and put all the things I wanted you to read above the pictures. So here’s what you really came here for: Our weekend in pictures and video

An fun new game in the “Where’s Waldo?” style: Where’s Cady?

She fell asleep while having Cady-Time on her play mat. It was quiet for far too long, so I looked up and there she was zonked out

I caught her and Daddy mid-nap on Saturday

And my little billy-goat destroying the paper on the exam table at the pediatrician’s office

We tried Sweet potatoes this weekend. I think Green Beans may have been replaces as the favorite

She also got to experiment with feeding herself minus the actual food. We aren’t completely crazy. Rice cereal sets up like concrete and I didn’t really want to be chipping it off all surfaces. (P.S. GO VOLS!!!)

She is still working on the crawling. She can officially crawl, she just doesn’t officially do it. She will take two or three little crawls and then belly flop. I’m afraid she is going to be one of those kids that never actually crawls. She will just go from her belly scoots to walking. She is already trying to pull up. Dear Lord, I am so not prepared for this. In the second video you can see her poor little rash. It looks horrible, huh?






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3 responses to “Good friends and glass of wine

  1. I’m sorry, hon. Mommy guilt is the worst.


    Your sweet girl is going to be back to herself in no time.

  2. Osh

    I love your Billy Goat!

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