Cady at 6 months

Ok it has been far too long since I have made an actual post with actual information (and most importantly, actual pictures). But I have a good excuse! Cady is 6 months old and is keeping me EXTREMELY busy.

Yes, you read that correctly. SIX MONTHS!!! Its gone by entirely too fast, but it really does get more fun every single day. At six months it is doctor visit time. She is weighing a whopping 16 lbs 7 oz. She is 26 1/8 inches tall. Both of these measurements hit right around the 50th percentile. The doctor also said everything else looked great. He actually said “perfect” in response to her growth and development. He said she is right on the mark developmentally, if not slightly ahead of the curve.

There were two downsides to the visit though. One, was shots. We got 3 more shots and one more oral vaccine. Cady does exceptionally well with shots. The oral vaccine was probably the worst of it. She didn’t want to take it and started crying when the nurse forcibly gave it to her. Obviously she cried during the shots, but after some Mommy hugs and Mommy kisses, she was as good as new and was passed out in the carrier before we were out of the office.

The second piece of bad news is that the yeast rash she had on her bottom (which we finally have under control) has now spread to her neck, her armpits, the backs of her knees, and pretty much any other place she had folds and creases. Her neck looks pretty bad, but it doesn’t seem to bother her. We have started out Lotrimin regimen for the new areas of the rash, so hopefully they will be under control in no time.

Cady, of course, had her 6 month “photoshoot” This was my favorite out of the bunch (you can see her poor little rash).

I’m going to reveal a secret about this child. She is a billygoat. She would rather play (otherwise known as eat) paper than anything else. Jason and I must each have some sort of rare recessive goat gene and they got passed on to her. This makes doing these “photoshoots” with a paper sign a bit of a problem. Because of this:

We celebrated Cady’s 6 month birthday with rice cereal. She finally got to try some solid foods.

You might not be able to tell, but I was excited. Cady…. not so much….

I also got a video of the experience.

*Disclaimer: Please disregard my stupid narration in any video.  Thanks — Managment*

She is not a fan of plain rice cereal. I haven’t tasted it, but I’m pretty sure I don’t blame her.

We started peas today. That has gone over a lot better (despite what her face might look like in the pictures). She is actually opening her mouth and swallowing some of it. I’ve been mixing the peas in with the rice cereal. There is no way I could get her to eat the rice cereal otherwise.

Dad, no fried taters or anything yet, but any day now 😉

Ok, enough about food. On to the crawling portion of this post.

She isn’t actually crawling yet. She does a great little army crawl inch worm sort of thing. This means she is in to EVERY. THING.

She is also going from being on her belly to sitting on her bottom really well by herself. Every once in awhile she will over compensate slightly and fall over the other way, but for the most part she is hitting it every time.

As you might have noticed in the last video she is also learning new “words.” She has gone from “ah’s” to “bah’s” (I’ve even caught a few “ma’s”, so Momma can’t be too far away). She loves to talk and babble. She hasn’t quite figured out the whole volume control thing. She either does it very, very quietly in a sort of whisper. Or she is super loud and yelling. Guess which she does most of the time?

Those jeans she is wearing in the last video and the next picture are pretty special.

They belonged to my dad when he was a baby. That makes them over 50 years old. My brother wore them as a baby and I worse them as a baby. Last time we were back home Dad gave them to Cady. I think babies in jeans is one of the cutest things ever, but these story behind these makes them even cuter.

I know some of you enjoy the “Cady outtakes” and all the silly things she does. I’m never really at a loss for silly pictures of this child. She is always giving me great opportunities for these shots.

Cady is ready for some football

Baby in a basket

Very sleepy baby

She takes after her cousin, Belle, and has a definite Passion for Fashion. Not only does she own “vintage” jeans, but the paparazzi has also caught her wearing the hottest in fall accessories: Stacking rings.

This has officially become the longest post ever, so I’m going to end it. But only after I share probably my favorite picture of her ever taken.

I was lucky enough to have won tickets to see Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, LeAnn Rimes, Gary Allan, and Luke Bryan in concert. While Jason and I were listening to some great country music this weekend, Cady’s Nana and PawPaw John came down for a visit and were kind enough to hang out with her. They snapped this awesome picture of her first time in her stroller without the carrier. Do you think she enjoys it?





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3 responses to “Cady at 6 months

  1. Melissa & Brandon

    O.k. so it is pretty good when she can have a neck rash and be covered in peas and still look GORGEOUS!!!!! I love her. We miss her so much!!!! Stacking Ring Ankle Bracelet?!?! Reading Vogue Much?

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