My Baby Must-Haves

I have a lot of friends that are currently pregnant with their first child, and since I’ve been through this (by no means an expert) I decided I would list MY baby must-haves. I think these are something that most parents need.


Pamper Swaddlers/ Pampers Cruisers — Yes, these are the more expensive diapers. I have literally tried every major brand of diaper out there. I have not found a single one that works as well as Pampers. I have never had a diaper blowout with Pampers. I specify Swaddlers and Cruisers. They are luxury model of Pampers and well worth the extra money. They feel obviously better. I like to tell myself that Cady appreciates it.


Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and Vaseline — Ever since Cady started teething we have been battling major diaper rash. The only thing that has helped has been a steady regimen of butt paste and then a protective layer of vaseline. It’s the only thing that even comes close to keeping the diaper rash at bay. Buy it in the big tub. It’s worth it.


Boudreaux’s Baby Kisses — Another thing that has been plaguing us with teething is a rash and dry skin around her mouth. Baby Kisses clear it up. I put it on her first thing in the morning and before she goes to bed. It’s great for any dry or cracked skin on the face. Keep one on the changing table and one in the diaper bag.


Dr. Brown’s Bottles — Cady was the Spit Up Queen. Constantly. After every feeding. Massive amounts of spit up. But it was just spit up. She rarely had gas or an actual upset tummy. I truly believe in the crazy venting system in Dr Brown’s bottles. Yes, it makes for about eleventy billion little parts to wash, but a happy baby with a happy tummy makes it worth it.


A swing — The particular one we have is the Fisher Price RainForest Open Top Cradle Swing but any swing you want will work. Its the only way I could get Cady to nap for any length of time for a very long time.

The last 2 products go together for me. I don’t know which one is more dear to my heart. They both were saviors during those first few months.


The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp — This method is how I got Cady to sleep through the night. She has consistently been sleeping through the night since she was 4 weeks old. I give full credit to this book and the method within. It honestly saved my sanity.


Swaddle Designs Ultimate Receiving Blankets — These go together with the Happiest Baby because these were the only blankets we could get to work for Cady. We tried all those magic swaddle blankets with the velcro. They never worked nearly as well as this one. They are big and they are lightweight and they are amazing. Put a billion of these on your registry. We only had one when we were swaddling and remember that Cady was the Spit Up Queen. Yeah that meant the blanket got washed at bedtime some nights. You can get them online at Target.

That’s it. Those are my must-haves for any new parent.



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5 responses to “My Baby Must-Haves

  1. ccrltd

    I endorse Butt Paste, it’s great and essential in the first years after birth.

  2. I am three and a half months pregnant with my first child and have no idea what we’ll need – this list is much appreciated. thank you!

  3. Robin Harper

    I’ll definitely try to find the things on your list. I have no clue right now what I will need but I guess I still have a while 🙂 I’ll definitely get that book though!!

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