Long time, no blog

I haven’t forgotten about everyone. We were out-of-town the last part of the week to visit our friends, Doug, Monica and their son, Jack. We had a great time, but we are also glad to be home. As promised, I come back bearing *TONS* of pictures. You might want to run to the bathroom and grab a drink before you dive in. Its gonna be a long one.

Tuesday morning this is exactly what I saw when I went to change Cady’s diaper.

Surprisingly, everything still remained inside the diaper. I’ve got her in 3’s. I don’t know that she is quite ready for 3’s, but she is definitely too big for 2’s. Too bad Pampers doesn’t make half sizes.

Cady is sitting up all on her own now days.

I’m excited because it’s a new milestone and all that, but at the same time I’m very sad. She is getting so big and growing up so fast. I miss my sweet, tiny baby.

Cady is also cutting her second tooth. I’m kind of hoping that she never gets any other teeth. These two tiny ones on the bottom are just adorable. It might cause some problems when it comes to eating, but you have to make sacrifices for cuteness, right?

I’m kidding. Mostly. 😉

Now to our trip.

Doug and Monica have a little boy who is 3 weeks younger than Cady. Ever since we realized we were going to have babies so close together we have been wanting to get them together. I just know the two of them are going to grow up and get married.

Here they are meeting for the first time.

At first they really were just uninterested in each other. Then Cady spotted Jack’s paci.

The next day, Monica and I attempted to take the kiddos swimming. That didn’t really pan out for a number of ridiculous reasons. But we got some cute pictures of them anyway.

Again, a big thanks to Doug, Monica and sweet, little Jack. We had a great time. We really miss you guys!



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