Bad Blogging Mommy: Weekend Review

Yes, I am a bad blogger. We had a big event this weekend…. And I forgot my camera…. Sorry

Thursday night: We had a great dinner wither our good friends Ben, Lisa, and Luke.

Friday night (this is the part where the bad mommy part comes in): We went to a baseball game. Cady’s first pro game. I charged the camera up because obviously this is something that I need to document. Yep, I totally left it sitting on the coffee table.

We had a great time though. We got tickets for a suite through Jason’s company. There really is no better way to watch a game.

I do have a picture to share. They served ice cream sundaes in little plastic batting helmets. They happen to be the perfect size to fit Cady. So, here she is (the morning after) in her “batting helmet”

Saturday: We just hung out around the house. We did a little shopping and had a nice dinner

Sunday: I was quite domestic. I made homemade cupcakes

Marble Chiffon cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream frosting

And this is my attempt at an “artsy” shot

Cady is really starting to try to crawl. Several times she will get up on her hands and knees. She knows that’s where she needs to be to go somewhere. She can’t figure out the next step. Lets hope she takes awhile to learn that one.

We have a big week planned. She is going to meet her boyfriend, Jack, this week. Although if you talk to her daddy, he will tell you that she will not be dating that boy. He knows his father too well (his BFF from high school). So the next post may not be until the weekend, but it should be chock full of pictures of Cady (and Jack if his mommy okays it) for your viewing pleasure.



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2 responses to “Bad Blogging Mommy: Weekend Review

  1. Melissa & Brandon

    WE love her smile in the second photo… she looks like, “dang ya’ll, I make this look good!” The cupcakes looks so good– I love your artsy photograph. You take really good pics!
    p.s. don’t you like how my name comes first in our comments. ha ha. i rule brandon drools.

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