We have a tooth!

Jason had her on his lap and was letting her chew on his fingers. This is something she only does with Daddy. I think my fingernails get in the way when she tries to do it with me. But as she was chewing on his fingers I suppose that he felt something sharp in there. And sure enough, a tooth has broken the skin. Its her lower left tooth.

We really haven’t had that bad of a time with this tooth. Hopefully the other 3 will come in quickly and we can have a nice break before the canines come.

Of course there is no picture of the tooth. But I couldn’t make a post without a picture. Cady got a swimsuit yesterday. We are going to on Daddy’s business trip with him in a couple of weeks, and its at the beach. So there will be swimming to be done. We are also visiting friends north of us in a couple of weeks. Hotels = pools. Here is my little bathing beauty.



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2 responses to “Chompers

  1. I am lauging because I took a picture of my kitty that lost his teeth, and yet you have no picture of the first tooth.

    Which one of us is crazy? Oh yeah, me! LOL.

    Cady gets cuter all the time, how is that possible?

  2. Melissa & Brandon

    holy goodness! she is looks sooooo cute!!!

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