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Just a quick funny

I have no pictures. I’ve been a bad blogger again and haven’t taken any recently.

So this child may be the spitting image of Jason, but she definitely has some of my qualities.

She was in the throes of a atomic meltdown after her bath. She enjoys her bath, but after she gets out she wants a bottle. She doesn’t want a diaper, lotion, or any of that stuff.

The one thing that will calm her down: brushing her hair. She automatically stops and sits there like a perfect angel while I brush her hair. She is so my daughter and knows the value of having good hair )


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I’ve got new videos of Cady.

1. Sitting in action (oxymoron?). Please disregard the topple at the end. She’s fine.

2. She is so close to crawling. She rocks like a champ

3. Right before her bath tonight she got a little sleepy. Or A lot sleepy. What cracks me up was that she was still talking. But the thought of Wheel of Fortune woke her up quick. Oh and sorry its sideways. I forget about that sometimes.


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Long time, no blog

I haven’t forgotten about everyone. We were out-of-town the last part of the week to visit our friends, Doug, Monica and their son, Jack. We had a great time, but we are also glad to be home. As promised, I come back bearing *TONS* of pictures. You might want to run to the bathroom and grab a drink before you dive in. Its gonna be a long one.

Tuesday morning this is exactly what I saw when I went to change Cady’s diaper.

Surprisingly, everything still remained inside the diaper. I’ve got her in 3’s. I don’t know that she is quite ready for 3’s, but she is definitely too big for 2’s. Too bad Pampers doesn’t make half sizes.

Cady is sitting up all on her own now days.

I’m excited because it’s a new milestone and all that, but at the same time I’m very sad. She is getting so big and growing up so fast. I miss my sweet, tiny baby.

Cady is also cutting her second tooth. I’m kind of hoping that she never gets any other teeth. These two tiny ones on the bottom are just adorable. It might cause some problems when it comes to eating, but you have to make sacrifices for cuteness, right?

I’m kidding. Mostly. 😉

Now to our trip.

Doug and Monica have a little boy who is 3 weeks younger than Cady. Ever since we realized we were going to have babies so close together we have been wanting to get them together. I just know the two of them are going to grow up and get married.

Here they are meeting for the first time.

At first they really were just uninterested in each other. Then Cady spotted Jack’s paci.

The next day, Monica and I attempted to take the kiddos swimming. That didn’t really pan out for a number of ridiculous reasons. But we got some cute pictures of them anyway.

Again, a big thanks to Doug, Monica and sweet, little Jack. We had a great time. We really miss you guys!


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Bad Blogging Mommy: Weekend Review

Yes, I am a bad blogger. We had a big event this weekend…. And I forgot my camera…. Sorry

Thursday night: We had a great dinner wither our good friends Ben, Lisa, and Luke.

Friday night (this is the part where the bad mommy part comes in): We went to a baseball game. Cady’s first pro game. I charged the camera up because obviously this is something that I need to document. Yep, I totally left it sitting on the coffee table.

We had a great time though. We got tickets for a suite through Jason’s company. There really is no better way to watch a game.

I do have a picture to share. They served ice cream sundaes in little plastic batting helmets. They happen to be the perfect size to fit Cady. So, here she is (the morning after) in her “batting helmet”

Saturday: We just hung out around the house. We did a little shopping and had a nice dinner

Sunday: I was quite domestic. I made homemade cupcakes

Marble Chiffon cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream frosting

And this is my attempt at an “artsy” shot

Cady is really starting to try to crawl. Several times she will get up on her hands and knees. She knows that’s where she needs to be to go somewhere. She can’t figure out the next step. Lets hope she takes awhile to learn that one.

We have a big week planned. She is going to meet her boyfriend, Jack, this week. Although if you talk to her daddy, he will tell you that she will not be dating that boy. He knows his father too well (his BFF from high school). So the next post may not be until the weekend, but it should be chock full of pictures of Cady (and Jack if his mommy okays it) for your viewing pleasure.


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5 Months

Happy 5 months Cady Cupcake!

And here is a little look back:

And I’ll throw this one in there just for fun. Jason was bouncing her on his knee (she enjoys this when she has a little gas bubble) and she fell asleep like this. Such a silly girl. We love you, Cady Cupcake!


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Previous Post

We have had a great weekend. I know I said we didn’t have anything big planned, but we ended up doing some updating to Cady’s room.

For the longest time, I have wanted to put the phrase “Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice…” on Cady’s wall. I wasn’t really sure how to go about it. I didn’t have enough faith in my artistic skills to do it. I checked into those vinyl wall letters that are easy to apply and remove, and they were a little more than I was wanting to spend. So Jason and I talked about it and we decided to give painting it a shot. And I’m glad we did. I really impressed with my skills, and I’ve got some other stuff in the works. Stay tuned…

The rest of the day we just hung out and chilled.

Cady read some gossip magazines (definitely my daughter)

She tried out the whole “Emo” look

But we all decided she is way too smiley to be an Emo kid

And the icing on the cake for today’s post: A video of Cady cracking up at Jason and the dogs


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Pre-Weekend Post

We don’t have anything big planned this weekend. We will probably just hang out around the house. I have a lot of laundry to do and bottles to wash. I find it hard to get things done while Jason is out-of-town. Cady has a knack for knowing when I’m trying to get things done, and there are only so many naps in a day.

We have been battling a bad case of diaper/yeast rash. This means that if Cady is hanging out on her play mat she is likely to be sans diaper. We gotta let things breathe. She has never really been without a diaper without being submerged in water, so I’ve learned new things about my daughter. Mainly, that she is apparently averse to being completely dry.

I will pile a stack of towels, undiaper her, and lay her down. I can do this immediately after a feeding or hours after a feeding. It doesn’t matter, she will immediately pee. A lot. I will remove the towels and replace them with fresh, dry ones. She will pee again.

Of course, I’ve had to take some bare bottomed baby pictures (its mandatory, right? I must have some on hand to threaten to show boys when she is older). In the process, I think I got a good picture of the tooth. Well, as good as we are going to get anyway.

See the two little white specks slightly to the right? The one farther right has been there for a few weeks now. I don’t know what it is. It’s not raised or anything like that. The speck to the left (a little harder to see) is the part of the tooth that has broken the skin.

The only other pictures I have are just cute smiles. I think she has figured out what I want when she sees the camera because she turns it on. She starts cheesing it up. Such a little ham. Wonder where she got that one from…….

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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We have a tooth!

Jason had her on his lap and was letting her chew on his fingers. This is something she only does with Daddy. I think my fingernails get in the way when she tries to do it with me. But as she was chewing on his fingers I suppose that he felt something sharp in there. And sure enough, a tooth has broken the skin. Its her lower left tooth.

We really haven’t had that bad of a time with this tooth. Hopefully the other 3 will come in quickly and we can have a nice break before the canines come.

Of course there is no picture of the tooth. But I couldn’t make a post without a picture. Cady got a swimsuit yesterday. We are going to on Daddy’s business trip with him in a couple of weeks, and its at the beach. So there will be swimming to be done. We are also visiting friends north of us in a couple of weeks. Hotels = pools. Here is my little bathing beauty.


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This is the photo that I chose for the new frame for Cady’s room:

Having a semi-mobile child changes things up quite a bit. She can go from playing happily on her  play mat to getting herself into a precarious position. This particular day she backed herself up underneath our entertainment center.

And just to let you know, I’ve found out that unless the child is hurt or in danger I’m going to get a picture of something like this before I attempt to get her unstuck. That’s just how I roll.

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Houston, we have a problem…

Cady is doing *WONDERFULLY* on this whole sleeping through the night unswaddled thing. She will sleep from around 8pm until 7ish (as long as Jason doesn’t wake her while he is getting ready for work).

I have a complaint, though.

The little wiggle worm is soaking her diapers through during the night. She is a stomach sleeper and her tummy, her sleeper, and her sheets end up wet by morning. I’m seriously washing her sheets every day. Any suggestions or help?

If we can keep everything inside the diaper throughout the night then she will be the most perfect sleeper EVER!

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