The above picture is what a happy baby that sleeps through the WHOLE night unswaddled looks like! (during a post-bottle bounce session)

We decided just to go for it and give the whole unswaddled baby thing a shot. We weren’t married to the idea and if it had proved to be difficult then we would bust out the second blanket. I was so prepared for this to be the case that I specifically washed a blanket that was going to be used and had them sitting out on the changing table.

We did the whole normal bedtime routine, bath, bottle, but without the swaddle. Jason took her into her room and rocked her. Normally we take her paci before we lay her down in the crib. She was NOT having that. You win some you lose some, so the paci went to sleep with her.

Jason laid her down drowsy, and she put herself to sleep. I was completely impressed. But I was still not convinced at this point. I expected the screaming to commence at any moment. I was captivated by the video monitor. Just watching and waiting for her to wake up and demand to become a baby burrito again.

She laid there. Completely content. Like the little angel she is. Then it happened. She started stirring. I stood up, ready to go swaddle her. She spit out her paci (here it comes), rolled on her side, let out a sigh and slept peacefully and perfectly until 5:30 am.

I, on the other hand, didn’t sleep so well. I guess I hyped myself up for this to be a struggle that I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that it wasn’t. Every movement, every heavy breath, everything woke me up because obviously she wasn’t going to sleep through the night unswaddled. It will probably take me a few more nights to get used to a baby that moves around in her crib, but I’ll make it through I’m sure.

Oh and this is how I found her this morning (cute bald spot, huh?):


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  1. Aw! I want to smooch her little bald spot!

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