Cady’s 5th Birthday Party

Wow, I’m running so behind. But I’m finally getting to this.

I was very torn on what to do for Cady’s 5th birthday. We are so new to this area, and didn’t really know what sort of turnout to expect from her school friends. I debated a lot of options, but my biggest criteria was some place she would have a ton of fun even if not a single friend showed up. We finally decided on Chuck E. Cheese. She loves the place. It’s such a low maintenance party. It was really the best option.

We had the party at 9:30. And yes, a pizza party at 9:30 sounded crazy to everyone else too. But it was that and have the entire place to ourselves, or have it at like 1 and dealing with our own cranky kids while fighting the crowds of other cranky kids. Even though I got so much grief from everyone, I am still so glad we did it this way. We literally had the entire birthday area all to ourselves and we pretty much had the gaming area to ourselves as well.

Since 9:30 isn’t prime pizza eating time, we let the kids play games while all the guests trickled in.

Cady and her friend, Gracie

Kaleb, Gracie and Cady

My BFF’s daughter, Charlotte, and Hadley

After the kids played for an hour or so, we had some pizza

The party girls (not sure where the boys made it off to for this one)

And then Chuck E. came! And because Cady was the only birthday kid, she got all the attention.

Again, not sure where the boys were during these pictures

We had some cupcakes

Cady got to go in the ticket blaster. She didn’t quite get the concept, but our awesome party host fudged the rules a bit and she got a ton of tickets from it anyway.

Then she opened her gifts.

After the party was officially over, we were all able to stick around and play more games. The kids had tons of tokens and I think everyone had a great time. Unfortunately I didn’t get a big group picture. Those boys were hard to keep up with 😉 but I did get a cute one of Cady and 2 of her little girlfriends.

Precious girls. We had a great time. Happy Birthday, Cady Cupcake!





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January/February Catch Up

It’s been awhile since a real post, so I will play catch up on day to day stuff before I post the 5th birthday festivities.

Mid January we were finally able to attend a birthday party for a school friend. We’ve been invited to several this year, but have always had conflicting events. Luckily, we were able to attend the party of one of her best buddies, Kaleb. He had the cutest Circus theme complete with fun photo props.

Cady and Hadley are becoming such good friends and love spending time with each other and playing together. If we’ve had a good day they get to spend some time after dinner on the iPad. Cady loves to help Hadley with her apps.

A couple of days before Valentine’s Day, Jason and I were able to get a baby sitter and we attended a lecture by Herm Edwards at UCA, and we got to meet him afterward. We had a very nice time.

Thursday was Valentine’s Day. The girls looked so cute in their little shirts (they had on tutus as well)

It was Hadley’s school day, so Cady and I ran some errands before we headed back to school for their parties. We finally made it home to chill before the parties when we got a call from the school. Hadley was sick. Very, very sick.

I was sad that poor Hadley was sick. But I was almost as sad for Cady because I hated for her to miss her party. Luckily, Jason was able to rush home. He took Cady to the party while Hadley and I stayed at home.

My poor Hadley Girl was just not feeling like herself. She had gone upstairs to play and was being very quite. This is what I found when I went to check on her. Notice the shoes on the wrong feet. Sweet silly girl

The next day was Cady’s 5th birthday! We filled her room with balloons and decorated her door.

She was so excited to go to school that day. Her friends made her a huge card that everyone signed. She was thrilled. Hadley and I chilled at home, but I was feeling pretty good about her health. She was doing just fine, so I kind of stopped stressing about Cady getting sick or what would we do with a sick Hadley during Cady’s party.

That evening we let Cady open her gift: her American Girl Doll!

We went out to dinner and followed that up with some frozen yogurt. We actually ran into one of her little friends from school there! We came home just in time to get ready for bed. Jason got the girls settled into bed while I finished up some last minute stuff. When I got a moment I went to tell them goodnight. I opened Hadley’s door just in time to see her get sick again. Luckily, my mom and stepdad walked in the house right then too. So we had reinforcements (I want my mom when I’m sick. It’s also nice to have her around when my kids are sick).

Cady had a great party (that I will post about next). She was so excited to dress like Sally  for bed that night (that’s her doll, btw)

Hadley ended up staying sick all weekend. So Monday I took her to the dr. It’s hard to get a sick appt for the same say, but they  run a sick clinic every week day. We got there at 8 and got one of the last spots available. It was so busy, they sent us home for a couple of hours to wait instead of sitting there for a couple of hours.

Hadley, after some x rays and other testing, was diagnosed with just a viral thing.

I hoped that we were nearing the finish line and everyone else would escape the sickness. That did not happen. That night Cady ended up sick and Hadley was sick again. They were pretty pitiful

That week was just a blur of being locked in the house, changing diapers, sheets and clothes and washing my hands with water so hot that my skin started cracking (the caretaker CANNOT get sick).

Wednesday, we had scheduled Cady’s well child checkup. We kept the appointment even though she was not so well. So we got double the bang for our buck and got a well child and a sick visit in one! Again, just a viral thing but we were told it could last up to 2 WEEKS!

We all got a little stir crazy. We did a lot of crafts

Hadley showing off her painting shirt

But we mostly did a lot of resting and cuddling and just trying to feel ok.

By Friday, I thought we might be at the end. We hadn’t had any sickness for a while and both girls seemed to be feeling ok. So we escaped the house and went to target! (who wouldn’t feel better after that?)

Unfortunately that evening not only did they both get sick again (within minutes of each other), but Jason came home feeling bad. I could have cried (actually I did).

We are now a week out from it and everyone is doing much better! Both girls have gone to school all week and we are pretty much back to our normal routine. My house is a mess, but I’m slowly working on getting things back in order. It was easily the worst illness I’ve experienced in my 5 years of parenting.

5th Birthday Party up next! (don’t look for it for like a week. That’s how long this post took to bang out)


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Happy Valentine’s Day

From my two Little Loves.

They are the sweetest.

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Bieber Fever

I know I’ve discussed Cady’s adoration of Taylor Swift on the blog, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned much about her love of Justin Bieber (or Justin Beaver, as Cady says. And no, I don’t correct her. It’s just too funny). So when I found out that he would be coming to Arkansas in concert, I thought, “I bet Cady would love to go to that!” But she is 4, and I’m not willing to shell out that kind of cash for Justin Bieber and a 4 year old (For Taylor Swift, I probably would, but I’m a fan as well). So I just gave up the thought and moved on.

As the concert approached, people and businesses started giving away tickets more and more. I tried to win on the radio station, but I’ve lost my lucky touch with that in college I guess. Then I saw that a business in my hometown was giving them away on facebook. I just had to get the most people to “like” their page. So I just have to annoy my friends about clicking on something? I can TOTALLY do that. And I did! And I won! So I won 3 tickets to see The Biebs.

I hadn’t mentioned anything to Cady about it at all. It was just the day before I found out I won that she even knew he was performing in concert here. So I took the opportunity to record her reaction to learning she was going to the concert.

We had to go to my hometown to pick up the tickets, which worked out so well because we picked up my niece, Isabella, and took her with us.

Waiting on the show we had to take some pics

I meant to bring ear plugs, but I left them in the car. The music wasn’t too loud, for a concert, but the screaming…. It is indescribable what thousands of screaming girls sounds like in person. This is how Cady felt about it (they were screaming for Cody Simpson, she was not)

We had a good time singing to Cody Simpson and Carly Rae Jepsen (who is my new fav).

As we were waiting on Justin Bieber’s set, I could tell Cady was getting tired. I mentioned it yesterday, but the girl is a lover of the routine, and routine is that she is normally in bed and asleep by 8-8:15. Bieber didn’t go on until around 9.

She saw his entrance (he is the winged thing)

He was lowered from the ceiling. There were pyrotechnics. This was her reaction. Look at how wide (but tired) her eyes are trying to take it all in!

By the second song, this is how she looked

And soon after that, this is how she looked

Out cold. I like to think the Bieber Fever got to her and she just had to take a little nap.

We had such a good time! I’m so glad I got the opportunity to take these two girls to the show.


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2013 so far

Gosh, sorry I disappeared for a few weeks. We got busy and the girls were out of school with the holidays. I just feel like I’m getting things back to normal.

It’s been such a change to be able to spend Christmas with our families again. It’s been so busy compared to what the last several years have been. But a good kind of busy. I haven’t let it stress me because I’m so appreciative of having this time with everyone. I have made sure to just stop and take it in. We traveled to my late grandmother’s house to have the big extended family Christmas on my mom’s side. And at one point I was rocking with Hadley while she was sleeping on me, Cady was outside running around with her cousins just like I did at that age, and all the adults/older kids were doing a White Elephant gift exchange. It was just really nice to have almost everyone in the one place. It really meant a lot to me.

We did quite a bit of traveling between different houses and the girls played hard at all the different places. This meant that there were a lot of car naps. I love watching Hadley sleep because she always ends up pouting.

We spent a very low key NYE at home with the girls. I’m just not big on going out on NYE. It’s a bit overrated in my opinion.

What is NOT overrated, Banana Boats.

I, being on Pinterest, have seen this idea all over the place. I’m not big on chocolate and bananas together, so I’d never thought to try it. But Jason and I were watching The Pioneer Woman show on Food Network and she made them. Jason’s mind was blown, so I went to get the stuff to make them as a fun NYE treat for the girls. They were pretty good, I have to admit. The girls approved (and so did Jason)

If you don’t know about Banana Boats, get yourself to Pinterest or Google.

Since the girls have been out of school, their routines got all out of whack. I enjoyed the getting up and not having any plans, but I didn’t so much enjoy their attitudes by the end of it. My kids thrive on routine and Cady definitely needs the social outlet. Her fits/tnatrums/plain old attitude wasn’t cute. Hadley’s….. kind of is. I don’t let her know that, of course. But she is a bit of a drama queen, but she is also a sensitive little soul and takes it hard when someone gets on to her. This was actually caused by me simply telling her no, not even sternly.

I may really be in for with that one, but it’s all worth it because they are pretty much the cutest things around. Especially when they are being sweet with each other.

With Christmas comes WAY too many gifts from their grandparents and the rest of the family. To say the play room had been a disaster would be a complete understatement. So when we got back in the swing of school routine, I took a day to clean it up and re-organize everything.

I threw a bunch of stuff out. I still feel like they have way more than they could every play with in a lifetime. They have done a surprisingly good job at keeping it pretty clean and picked up. I’m proud. I’m still always on the lookout to make things just a little easier/neater up there though. It’s never ending.

This past weekend it finally warmed up a tiny bit and it wasn’t raining, so we were able to let Cady out on her new bike. We live at the top of a large hill. She wasn’t ready to just let her go, so Jason was supposed to be helping her down the hill while I helped Hadley on her trike. Well… Jason thought she was ready for a bit more than me and he let her go (he was right next to her). She panicked, lost control, jumped a curb and fell off. She was fine, just shaken up.

I convinced her to try again after she calmed down a bit. I knew if I didn’t get her back on right then that we probably could have given the bike away and she wouldn’t put up a fight. Her only stipulation was that I help her down the hill instead of Jason. Fine. We switched kids and tried again. I looked over just in time to see Hadley falling off her trike! He was just dumping them off left and right 😉 But really he felt bad. Thank goodness for helmets though.

They ended up having a great time. Cady is still a little hesitant, but she is doing great.

Hadley is just the the tiniest bit shy of being able to reach enough to pedal, but she looks the part. That’s the most important.

Tuesday, Cady and I had a Mommy/Daughter Date Day. We got a free pass to Monster’s Inc, so we went to a big theater in Little Rock to see it in 3D.

We had some lunch at PF Chang’s

And then Cady promptly passed out on the way home.

Sign of a good day!

That’s what has been going on with the girls. For me, 2013 is bringing some big changes. I’m doing something I said I would NEVER do. I have signed up with the direct sales company, Origami Owl!

I am so excited about this opportunity. I’ve been waiting for about 4 months for this to happen. I think their products are so awesome and so customizable that anyone will love them! But I promise I’m not going to try to sell a bunch of stuff here. This will remain about Cady and Hadley. If you are interested in learning more you can follow me on my business FB page. You can also check out the product and order it from my sales page. So never say never because things have a way of surprising you.

2013 is starting off wonderfully. I’m looking forward to everything coming our way this year!

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More Snow Day 2012

After our time outside yesterday morning we came back in to warm up and relax. But we couldn’t go the whole rest of the day without enjoying the snow some more. So after the girl’s naptimes, we headed out front to play a little more.

The snow had melted a bit, so it was perfect for making a snowman

Hadley started out just hanging out in the garage.

But we finally coaxed her out and she decided she was ok with the small amount of snow left on the drive way. She had her shovel and went to town

Speaking of shovels, I did something I’ve never done before. I shoveled our driveway.

I’m not sure it is something I ever want to do again, but I can say I’ve done it. It was all worth it when I got to finish my day with a bowl of yummy snow ice cream that Jason and Cady made.

We’ve had a pretty fabulous snow day.

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I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

and my dreams came true!

I wished and hoped that, since we were back in Arkansas, the girls would get to experience snow. I figured we would have to wait until January or February. It’s rare to get that kind of weather here in December. I never would have thought to expect snow ON Christmas day. But that’s just what we got. And we got A LOT!

It started sleeting and freezing rain around noon on Christmas day. A lot of ice and sleet fell until around 6 or 7 that night when it changed over to snow. We ended up with 8-10 inches depending on where you measured.

The girls were so excited about getting to go out and play in it until they actually got out there. Cady actually did love it. Hadley did not. Hahahaha! She was ok if Jason was holding her.

But once he set her down, she was not ok

I made her stay out long enough to snap a couple of pictures

And I had to get a little video

Then Jason took her in while Cady and I played

We tried to make a Snow Man, but the snow in the backyard wasn’t packing well. We will try again this afternoon after it melts and gets a little more wet. But it was perfect for some Snow Angels

I also took some shots of the scene around our yard. I really think the only time I’ve ever experience snow like this was while visiting the mountains of Colorado.

So I got my Christmas wish and we are loving it!


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Merry Christmas

From our family to yours.

We are holding out hope for our very first white Christmas. We wish you joy, peace, love and happiness this holiday and into 2013.

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It’s Christmas time!

I love Christmas. The holiday season is just so much fun. There are tons of things that I love getting to do with the girls.

One of the big traditions is the girl’s picture with Santa. I normally try to make it a non-event and go on a weekday morning. Since the girls have opposite schedules that can’t happen, so weekends it is now.

It went about as expected. Hadley wasn’t a fan, but we really set her up for failure honestly. It was naptime and we had waited in a long line for this random dude she doesn’t even know.

She got a cookie afterward, so it more than made up for it.

Another favorite of mine is holiday baking. Cady and I made some cut out cookies from scratch this weekend.

And for those that know me, you know I don’t bake. So from scratch cookies are a big deal. Too bad I didn’t take any pics of our finished product.

They turned out really well though. They looked good and tasted good too.

We had plans to attend the big Christmas parade in our town this weekend, but it got cancelled due to rain and there will be no makeup. Maybe next year. We still have so much planned. We have to drive around and check out the Christmas lights. We have to make our gingerbread houses and so much more. My Christmas shopping is all done so I get to just sit back and enjoy the holidays. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

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The Elf Returns

Our Elf came to visit this morning. We read the book last night and Cady was so excited. Hadley is a little young to understand the entire concept. But this morning they were very excited to discover Susie sitting in the tree next to the Elf on the Shelf ornament.


Yes, our Elf is a girls this year. I found the cutest skirt and thought it would make Cady so happy. And it did. She actually said last night she hoped Santa would send her a girl elf.

Susie was so sweet to bring Snow Donuts for the girls to have a special breakfast treat.


I know the Elf is sort of controversial to some. A lot of people have a mischievous elf and set up elaborate scenes for their kids to find. I don’t do all that. First, I think it defeats to purpose of the elf which is to remind the kids to be extra good this time of year. Second, sometimes it’s all I can do to remember to move the crazy thing. I’ve also seen and heard people complaining about how creepy the elf is. The kids are obviously not creeped out by it. They get so much joy out of finding it every morning and talking to it and about it. It’s just silly and fun.

We are very proud Elf owners and I know Cady is coming to the age where Santa is no longer believed in. I want to make is as magical as possible for as long as possible. I hope the girls at least humor this tradition for a few more years.

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